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  1. Spaceboy

    Summer of Ages 2024

    When it is Summer…
  2. Spaceboy

    Perdite di città.

    Those who speak English here do not loose their cities…
  3. Spaceboy

    How is the matching of world wars determined

    @daedalus: much thanks for the long writeup. It was good to resume it again after all that time. Any recommendation for us to find a fair match? Have a mixed board of all levels? A strong top ? Restart the search after 30-60 min? I am not asking how to get easy opponents, but what is the best...
  4. Spaceboy

    How is the matching of world wars determined

    BhG knows but they don’t want to tell us…it is a balance to give a descent fight in a descent time of search, to win or loose some descent glory…this resumes it quite well I think
  5. Spaceboy

    Ok, let

    It is the Temple now…
  6. Spaceboy

    Munitions applied to donated alliance troops

    No no no no to all..all received troops are ´naked.´.they only get your own improvements…
  7. Spaceboy

    The best selection of generals

    And for defense? The same? I have Alexander, Joan of arc and Hannibal as defensive player..
  8. Spaceboy

    DomiNations Update 12.2 - Museum Loadouts

    I don’t get the usage of these load Outs. Why would you use that? some examples please?
  9. Spaceboy

    mortar troops too overpowered

    Hey..we were all using factory Troops like bazookas, heavy thanks, etc. Now I am backing using normal troop again like mortars and artillery. A welcome change. My mortars are quite slow, and needs protection anyway
  10. Spaceboy

    Dead Alliances

    Yes..kick out after 100 days, if alliance is empty, delete it…
  11. Spaceboy

    DomiNations Update 12.1 - Manufactory Arrives!

    Pff..silly that you only have 4 slots when you reach Auto age..for all the other 15(?) ages, why do we only have 2 slots? Why this discrimination?
  12. Spaceboy

    Cheat in season alliance triumph..700.000 points ?

    Strange our group, a French group have more than 1 million triumpf points. Their first one (global age) has more than 700.000 triumph points. How can this be? Is this cheating?
  13. Spaceboy

    Dominations - Progression and Resource Update

    Is this 1 April joke? Reducing the building times? Waaaaaaaaahhh..this one I never saw it coming.jesus..this is great news for the lower level players..excellent news. My sincere thanks for this update.
  14. Spaceboy

    Update to World War Glory Matchmaking

    Again one dogshit Matchmaking.. our top 4: Da 332, da314, sa292, da283 they: auto 375, auto 377, drone 370, dr 348.. Can one from bhg/Nexon tell me how we can beat their top 4 bases? Of course, we will loose 509 points…the other bases of the enemy are just small ones, so the average weight is...
  15. Spaceboy

    Rocket Arsenal

    This was not spotted during testing? Nobody of the QA team has attacked a base with an arsenal in it?You will see it immediately that no troops are getting out…
  16. Spaceboy

    Rocket Arsenal

    Yup..saw it too..this needs fixing!
  17. Spaceboy

    Rejoignez France Delta

    Eh..vous avez copié depuis Les Vieux Fous!
  18. Spaceboy

    Update to World War Glory Matchmaking

    Aaahhh…good idea..
  19. Spaceboy

    DomiNations Update 11.12 - Hannibal and Florence

    Some video ads do not finish, so I need to restart the game..royal match ad …
  20. Spaceboy

    Videos not displaying.

    At least you don’t have to watch those ads for Royal Match..aaaaarrrrggggg