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  1. Deathrowboat

    No Tax Man

    So I was upgrading my roads during the time of the update/patch. Upon its completion I am no longer getting any tax or road bonus. Since I was affected by the dawn age bug my medals are through the roof and I am getting cleaned out by much more mature players of all my resources. But now without...
  2. Deathrowboat

    I am getting hurt bad

    So this medal dropping has failed and has uncovered a defect.
  3. Deathrowboat

    Medals dont drop

    I have had the dilemma of coming against players 2 ages higher than me and not being very successful. When trying to lose medals on purpose I find I am not losing them at all when I attack. I do however lose them if I am defending but because I cant lose it by any means of mine I have rocketed...
  4. Deathrowboat

    Patch Update

    For the future patch/s could you give us a breakdown on what was updated/bugs fixed/new features and balances. I am hanging out for it.
  5. Deathrowboat

    I am getting hurt bad

    Slowly slowly I will get down to 500
  6. Deathrowboat

    I am getting hurt bad

    Ok so my base might be too defensive due to the dawn age bug because I am over 900. This will take some time haha. Thanks. I still think there should be a handicap for higher aged attackers.
  7. Deathrowboat

    I am getting hurt bad

    I am in Classic age trying to save my ring off to get upgrades in the areas of 300-500k and I am being pantsed by gunpowder aged ppl. I attack and it takes upto 20 mins to rebuild my army but within 15 mins I often find I have been hit for more than I make in half a day because the first person...
  8. Deathrowboat

    Use citizens to decrease build time.

    Chineese and greek field day. Yes please.
  9. Deathrowboat

    China discription and reality dont add up

    It is a grammatical issue. It should read 1 extra citizen. And per age upgrade will give you an extra defender
  10. Deathrowboat

    New Tactic

    Id call it flanking, but in line with the tactics category. The option to divide ur forces into control groups would be extreme yet amazing. But more basically on the opening attack you can select how many troops to drop in one go at one location and the remaining get distributed as per normal.
  11. Deathrowboat

    What's happened??? He is a real cheater, see photo....

    Please don't be so quick to report. Due to the Dawn age bug this has occurred to many including me. He may not be cheating but instead using what has been given to him by way of the bug.
  12. Deathrowboat

    Remove all option for rebuild the town

    You will get this at the classic age. What this does is forces you to expand through the forest.
  13. Deathrowboat

    Crash Log

    Since the server maintenance I have had no crashes. Still a little broken from the dawn age issue but nice job on the crashes.
  14. Deathrowboat

    Account reset to dawn age BUG

    After the server maintenance. I have perks, set backs and bugs. Perks - I have more houses, and other structures. These were overlapped with forest and other structures like a tower on my mill and a hidden barracks but i know its somewhere, Set backs - I have had to reclaim the forest and unit...
  15. Deathrowboat

    Account reset to dawn age BUG

    Time Warped I started to upgrade my town centre to the classic age and then this happened. Dawn age with no upgrades but my army and levels reflect differently. I can only battle in the campain, no alliance (or gate). Bonus is I have mega cash and everything is cheap hahah. Please help this...
  16. Deathrowboat

    Account reset to dawn age BUG

    I am sorry I didnt see this post earlier, I started a new thread on this very issue. Bummer. I had some major wins between said date and was going to the next age. Ha Ha. *Thread has been deleted now.
  17. Deathrowboat

    Crash Log

    Thank You. Sorry if I am over sharing.
  18. Deathrowboat

    Crash Log

    These are screen shots of the crashes I have encountered in the last 24hrs.I hope this helps. Phone Info End of a battle In chat Searching for a battle During a Battle (frowny face haha) General play
  19. Deathrowboat

    Army Size

    Just a small thing. The mercenary units have a "army size" description yet the barraks units do not have that description.