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    Please roll back the NTG update - it makes the problem worse, not better

    Leviathan, thanks for taking an interest. I filled in the survey form, but you may find that some people can’t, as most Google apps are obsessed with forcing you to log in, and won’t let you use them if you don’t have a Google account.
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    Please roll back the NTG update - it makes the problem worse, not better

    theBobNamedDan I now have to do far more raiding to get the NTGs I need. This update means that there is a high chance that any raid will yield a load of what I don’t need instead of what I do, so I have to do more work to get the same amount of goods. How does this help anyone? At the moment I...
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    Please roll back the NTG update - it makes the problem worse, not better

    theBobNamedDan. I’ve done some experiments, and you are wrong. Bjorn definitely does not always get the trade good for the nation attacked. It appears to be random.
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    Please roll back the NTG update - it makes the problem worse, not better

    “Using Bjorn” doesn’t fix the problem, it just gives you a couple more random NTGs. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to point out that a new update has the opposite effect to what they said they intended. When you get to the late game and every single upgrade takes two weeks, people tend to...
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    Please roll back the NTG update - it makes the problem worse, not better

    The new NTG system was meant to make it easier to get the right NTGs, or so we were told, but actually it makes the problem worse. You hunt and hunt until you find the nationality you need (usually Koreans), 5* them, and then get tea or silk, which I always have more of than I need. (Don’t...
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    New NTG system

    It’s still doing it today. The new NTG system is a step backwards, it makes it *harder* to get the NTGs you need, couldn’t you just put it back the way it was?
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    Please don’t put FREE up on the store when it isn’t

    It’s helpful to have a FREE logo when there actually is something free in the store, but when the supposedly free thing is Charge Up, it’s deceitful. Charge Up is not free at all, you have to buy things for real money to get it. It’s not really an “exclusive offer” either, as 1) you are...
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    Plane paths explained

    I can’t read the text on the image either, it’s too small and blurry. Tapping on the image does not produce a larger or sharper image for me.
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    New game icon is terrible

    The latest update changed the game icon from an easily recognisable soldier to some bloke with a big chin who might be anyone. This is not an upgrade, can we have the old icon back please?
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    fragment return

    Actually it doesn’t. It returns an extra 10 fragments per artefact, making 25 altogether. It used to be 40. So it’s part visual bug, part actual bug.
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    VIP points

    Cash 1:1 by which currency? And at what exchange rate?
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    Base with Former 44 active workers has now over 100 workers actice

    They really need to fix the bug which stops us uploading pics to CS, this guy is soooo obviously cheating that it should be easy to deal with.
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    Why BHG?

    But actually, that isn’t their job. Their job is to keep the game going for as long as possible without spending too many resources on it. As long as it’s making money, they will keep trying to add new things to keep people interested. It is a business after all. I agree that your post was...
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    Why BHG?

    If you were them, would you come onto the forums and read long posts abusing you every day? How long would you carry on doing that, do you think?
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    The game is out of balance worse than ever.

    If you are spending $50 per war then BHG have you right where they want you, and as long as you keep doing that, they aren’t going to change anything. They might kill the goose that is laying such lovely golden eggs. It is possible to have lots of fun in this game without spending any money at...
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    Why BHG?

    Your post is a good example of why they are so unresponsive. How much would you respond if you were them? They are constantly being tagged in posts that contain no useful information and are essentially just long rants saying “why are you so useless?” That gets old pretty fast. I get that...
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    Black Watch help

    This is not an important issue. It’s about an UNimportant as it’s possible to be. It doesn’t affect gameplay in any way. Most Americans don’t understand the difference between British, English and Scottish, and if you try to explain it to them, they think you are making a huge fuss over...
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    Reported base with 44 active visible workers still regularly active

    Things like this are why he doesn’t talk to us much.
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    Misprint in offer title

    It should read “ludicrously expensive wall manuals”, surely?
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    Server down?

    We can’t connect either.