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  1. Joe

    Domiworld and vpn

    My question is simple: would i get banned for using a vpn to play dominations in my PC? Also, since i'm here i have suggestion for the dominations team: the list of regions not allowed in dominations world should be in the forums, not in the website to which they have no access to in the first...
  2. Joe

    Tradeable artifacts, maybe?

    Not sure if this was already proposed, couldn't find anything so here goes: The idea would be to allow alliance members to trade artifacts with one another, maybe through the alliance gate (i say alliance gate simply because it seems logical but if it can't be done through there or you have a...
  3. Joe

    Lift Off, Apollo 13 - Week Ahead 4/22

    I think he means building the oil well entirely for the first time. For example if you finish the industrial plastics research at Library and unlock the 6th oil well but don't build it till after the instant upgrade event starts; would that build instantly or would it only work for the upgrades...
  4. Joe

    defensive coalition change

    Yeah, the defense coalitions and forest defenders are pretty much useless imo, they all come from the same spot and get sniped by fighters; the poor bastards lol
  5. Joe

    DomiNations Update 12.5 - Coalition Troop Update and Auto-Spying!

    Could we get a search function for troop tactics, please? It'd be very nice to be able to type in a search bar the key word(s) of the tactic i need; for example: if i typed Heavy tank, then all troop tactics that have heavy tanks should be the ones visible. Or simply add new thumbnails/tabs...
  6. Joe

    Farms and caravans impact in war weight?

    Thank you very much!
  7. Joe

    Farms and caravans impact in war weight?

    So just to clarify because i'm in a relatively small alliance and we were wondering this same thing. If we gain a bunch of lvls from farms and other of these instant upgrades that won't affect our war matching? We won't be matched against much bigger alliances because of it?
  8. Joe

    Question about dominations on PC

    Is there a requirement to open the website on pc? Because it doesn't open in mine, so i'd like to know if there are requirements of some kind or if i'm already screwed and stuck on my phone lol.