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    Back after 8 weeks

    Agreed. I want to love the game. But the game fails on basics Useless alliance wars Defense doesnt matter because close app Only attacking works mostly Thats 2 out of 3 crucial aspecta of the game utterly broken
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    United allies vs Cheater elite

    Customer service aint worth c.rap When i was in top dominators i was in conversation with td leader on line app. He told me how he cheated. I sent screenshots to customer service. Explained to them what he did. He was industrial age months before release. Along with other cheaters like...
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    More cheaters.

    Alliance wars was my cut off for them to get cheaters under control. For a while there they were making some effort. Now it looks like theyve given up
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    These "Mystery Boxes" are a joke... right?

    Training blessing pretty sweet Fortification is nice The gold is a joke
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    Watch the clock...

    So many cheaters it sucks
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    Shahib Idris - Swedish Army - Leaderboard Cheat

    Yeah he dropped 200 medals and cant attack for a little bit. Thats how cheaters are handled. Then right back to cheating.
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    Nexon pro Cheater!!!

    Hey look 5 months of reporting and posting on the forum and ONE cheaters days "should" be numbered...but maybe not were not sure
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    New strategy...

    The germans.... Not all of them. But enough to see a trend. And in our 15 wars that usa has won the germans have cheated more than others.
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    Shahib Idris - Swedish Army - Leaderboard Cheat

    U can add to me to the list of quit players do to cheating, pointless alliance wars, and cheating in alliance wars Now im just hanging around on forum and game chat while i keep eye open to next game to play Alliance wars was my cutoff point for them to get control of their game. Meaning ban...
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    Alliance wars sucks

    That was extra special stupid War sucks because its pointless. It offers nothing more than gold and I can make more gold for time spent on regular battles. No rankings, no war history, no bragging rights, no weekly league bonus No ones complaining about the dumb stuff u think people are...
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    Another long time player leaving...

    Dont make me throw a tantrum all over u madfury. I enjot torturing u
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    Another long time player leaving...

    Sorry to see u go gamb. Alliance wars was the big carrot keeping many of us going and bhg failed in the one way i couldnt have imagined I expected bugs I was prepared for terrible execution of the actual war Never in my wildest dreams did i think they would release wars without a leaderboard...
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    Raiders/moto strategy getting obsolete?...

    Theres no mix of units that wins at high level. The only thing that matters is whether ur a crown player that uses kitchen sink(hp and dps blessings, 5 tactics, aircraft, 2x lvl30 generals, 2x flame tanks(4 diamonds), reinforcements) If u use most of the kitchen sink in every attack(only...
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    What's the point about high medals?

    Things change overtime so ill only speak of where im at. 3200 medals 223k gold and food and 450 oil league bonus. 200k gold and 1500oil is probably average So 423k gold and 2k oil is pretty average per battle. Once in a blue moon ull find 700k gold or 6k oil + league bonus
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    Top player ranking 25 is he a super power

    Yes were finding out a lot of players suck at this game without offense blessings
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    Raiders/moto strategy getting obsolete?...

    This is a better game for me when theres a mix of units that wins returns home. Since thats not available Raider sniping was an adequate option Now thats gone our ability to grind gold and oil is heavily reduced. This doesnt affect crown players or someone like myself whos close to maxed out...
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    Angkor wat is now OP. Defense got a huge buff!!!

    Guys like madfury whos always on the wrong side of tactical discussions
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    should i be happy for the war update?

    Thats all fine. But even if they trippled the loot and did the other things u said. Without an alliance war ranking system its all pointless.
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    Raiders die in silence

    Gattlings cone aoe was reduced so not buffed. Their main benefit was slowdown and damage reduction not dps. With smaller cone theyve been nerfed not buffed their dps isnt the main pt
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    Angkor wat is now OP. Defense got a huge buff!!!

    Hes sad because infantey get fully healed for some reason