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    How is the matching of world wars determined

    One thing I would add is try to prevent teams from matching back to back wars…no one wants this to,happen.
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    DomiNations Update 12.4 - Custom World Wars

    Yes getting the chest for defenders is good.
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    DomiNations Update 12.2 - Museum Loadouts

    Loud outs still bugged, they DONT WORK. Only load out that works for me I load out 1. And other load outs keep going back to one even if not equipped . Please fix @Harlems369th
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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    Maybe you just aren’t a T1 defender if your base goes down so easy. And I never said I couldn’t take down T1 defenders with the premiums, I said to stand a chance you need them. How many attackers take down high level T1 defenders without paying for TT? I doubt many. Shouldn’t have to buy TT to...
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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    Neither. I’m a T1 attacker and old player, so you’d be wrong . I could say same about you…obviously you are incorrect as data does not support your conclusions . The fact is I am a good enough attacker and been playing long enough to know you are not speaking to truth but rather just bitter...
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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    Yeah, you are wrong. It’s a D game now. You need to be top attacker, with top museum with premium TT and special buildings to stand a chance to 5 star a maxed D base now. Most peeps aren’t so lucky. This will get worse as D finish their munitions and upgrade all the troop munitions they spawn on D
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    Council Milestones

    Yes more milestones in council please !
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    Update to World War Glory Matchmaking

    In our case we are a top 20 team and have 40 players and spin 30v , but there is a small pool of 30v teams , so we end up with very few choices of opponents , we frequently get mismatches With alliances that we beat too easily or have no chance . So we could use some solutions to that. I like...
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    The Shipyard is needing an update to armies

    I agree need some more advanced TT, wall breaker army is ok, but still is older age troops…we have auto age now, let’s get at least drone age troops on higher shipyards
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    Drone command glitch on perk 23

    @Harlems369th there is a glitch that shows up on perk 23 that even though DC is destroyed the drone remains . Please fix
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    Manufactory: Will defense become too OP?

    Time wars haven’t been an issue in quite awhile
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    Manufactory: Will defense become too OP?

    Peeps keep saying bases will be cleared in short times. There are very few players that can do this on tough 3d bases. Most really good fighter attackers use hangers, recon and tup…and we have some really good ones on our team, yet they still avoid bases with Filipino and cant clear most tough...
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    Manufactory: Will defense become too OP?

    I completely agree. As is this game favored D, but was close. Now D will be so OP. Better munitions at low levels. I think BHG will have to correct this like they did when AH were OP. And D peeps were crying for years, so I would be aware of that. Now O is crying because there is reason to as we...
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    Update to World War Glory Matchmaking

    I like the Idea of ladder as well as making fewer choices in pool like just 15v and have 2 wars per alliance . Or 15v and 25v good ideas oddin🍺 now we just need someone from BHG weigh in.
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    Expand Council Collection Rewards to 190

    Agree more milestone rewards please
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    Council Milestones

    I agree new milestone would be nice
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    BHG will NEVER....

    Then why can clash of clans do this. Their replays are precise
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    Update the TT according to the age you are at.

    I’d be happy with dock TT that reflect the age you are in. Dock TT so weak