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    Unit/Defense Tower Information

    DPS is not really helpful comes to any unit or Tower that not fire one shot per second especially It's hard to tell the fire rate of them, fighter, bomber, anti tank gun, sniper tower etc. also lack knowledge of world war as well I suggest information card have fire rate, one shot damage...
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    February Legendary Calendar

    napoleon hat?
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    Build time reduction 12.1 with AA tower

    I reinstall the game, its correct now, thanks for the reply
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    Build time reduction 12.1 with AA tower

    There looks like something wrong with the level 1 upgrade to level 2, it still ''7 days'', but level 2 to level 3 is now ''5 days 4 hors''
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    DomiNations Update 12.1 - Manufactory Arrives!

    no, the 10s is lowest spawn rate you can get, but if you make much more reduction on that, it can make invading force with the one add your spawn time much less on effect
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    Dominations - Progression and Resource Update

    It's good to see how the game become compare to the early days, hard to get resource nor the upgrade
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    Template for Council and Museum

    For the Base, we can have 6 different types of layout, what about make the Council and Museum have same feature that can save different kind of combinations of artifacts as well as councilors, because right now, we can change it whatever we like, but only one by one, it will be better to have...