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  1. Festivus

    Introduction: Joe “Muet” Grubb - Lead Designer

    Too late. For a long time our alliance was invite only, and we won almost every war. I gave up leadership weeks ago when the rebalance garbage began and I moved on to another game. But since then our alliance has bled veterans, with one after another leaving the game. The new leader was forced...
  2. Festivus

    For war, any preference on what troop to donate to town center?

    People still do war in this game? I thought it's become Farmville, since raiding and warring is tedious and pointless now?
  3. Festivus

    Introduction: Joe “Muet” Grubb - Lead Designer

    You're too late. I and many others have already moved on to other games. I haven't logged on much recently, and I haven't raided or done any war in weeks. Your rebalances were very ill-conceived, and I suspect have been disastrous for the game's bottom line. Obviously there have been personnel...
  4. Festivus

    Combat Rebalance Stage Four Patch Notes

    No, it isn't Dropping medals has never been fun. It's always been an annoying chore. And now it's more annoying than ever. That's why I'm a farmer now.
  5. Festivus

    Manuals? Really??

    THIS is what you guys think we needed? It's straight up P2W. With all of the complaints about the rebalance, THIS is what you offer us? And you offer a new EA sale with it? You guys are trolling us now. This proves it.
  6. Festivus

    dead horse beating

    Nothing forced them to do this. They decided to do it.
  7. Festivus

    What’s the point of going to war?

    I and several others in my alliance stopped warring shortly after the rebalances began and started playing other games. Raiding is a chore now, and unless you raid for NTG (the only reason I had to raid even before the stupid rebalances), you can't compete in war against high level CWA bases...
  8. Festivus

    After Space Age...

    IF they get to space age, it'll be the last age. I really wanted to hang around until then to see it, but frankly I doubt I'll still be logging in by then. I won't be the only one. The harm they've done to the game with these absurd rebalances is irreparable.
  9. Festivus

    Scrap the rebalance!

    OK, sure. Just a coincidence that all of these people decided to quit the game after the rebalance. Doesn't have anything at all to do with the changes to the game, huh? OK then.
  10. Festivus

    Scrap the rebalance!

    We did 20v20 wars back-to-back since nearly the day that wars started. Had a massive streak going, too (something like 300+ wins to 10 or so losses). Now the alliance is thinking of going to 10v10 wars because they can't fill wars anymore. I was the leader of the alliance.I gave up and dropped...
  11. Festivus

    This is not just an attacking game

    You know why this isn't a defense game? Because I'm offline when the defense happens. I set up my base months ago. I spent about an hour on it. It's a nice base and works fairly well. But that was one hour spent months ago playing. You know what I do when I'm logged on? I attack. That's it...
  12. Festivus

    Dominations become delusion

    Can't tell if this is another fake Nexon employee account... I'm guessing no?
  13. Festivus

    Transfering the game to another account. Is it possible?

    Is it possible to give my accounts to one of the few active players in my alliance? I don't want to play anymore. What I mean is, can I assign new emails to the accounts (4 accounts). If I can't change the emails, then I can't give the accounts away. Nexon should make this possible. It's in...
  14. Festivus

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 4)

    Lol, seems legit!
  15. Festivus

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 4)

    Exactly. This mirrors my own experience. It's basically killed our alliance. Except I don;t see myself coming back at this point.
  16. Festivus

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 4)

    If I didn't know better, I'd think they were fake accounts. But of course, that couldn't be the case. I mean, who would want to gin up fake positive buzz over a notoriously unpopular series of game modifications to a game that's undoubtedly losing money by the truckload now? I can't think of...
  17. Festivus

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 4)

    No Title My God, they're really gonna do walls next... I've figured out who the Dominations Project Manager is. See attached photo.
  18. Festivus

    Our top player is quitting. Nexon, happy now?

    We're quitting because we feel like we've been cheated. We paid for one game and were just given something else that isn't what we wanted. I don't expect a refund or anything. Buyer beware. But just understand that if they're doing this now, they will do it again in the future. The game you...
  19. Festivus

    Our top player is quitting. Nexon, happy now?

    They'll care when they see next quarter's revenue reports. It'll be too late by then. I've checked out of war and maybe log in every other day now to collect farms and laugh at the joke that the game has become. I don't hardly even get medal droppers anymore, so I know that game traffic has...
  20. Festivus

    Some objective thoughts on the rebalancing.

    You do realize that this has all been discussed at other points - multiple points - on this forum? We've already addressed what is making the game virtually unplayable at the higher end. I've already told you myself precisely why it's not worth the time anymore. It's tedious. It was already...