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  1. Gosia

    Switching nations and wonders - why never on offer anymore?

    Hi guys. I hope you're well. What happened to "half price" crown cost offers of changing nations and wonders? I've been waiting for about 2 years now and it's never on anymore!
  2. Gosia

    Parliament - updates needed URGENTLY!

    Can you either make it possible for everyone to contribute to all laws in parliament (meaning that those without access to oil can still use food or gold) OR at least give the leader the option to highlight more than one law as to where donations are encouraged? I can't advise everyone with just...
  3. Gosia

    Parliament contributions display.

    Can someone tell me why more and more often we can't see the parliament "daily report"? Not only is it not available for a check all the time, and does not show the total contributions (which is wrong) but now it doesn't even show daily contributions at all more often than it does. Don't you...
  4. Gosia

    Quality of Life Request - Replays

    At least is the past they were sometimes accurate, now they are never anywhere near
  5. Gosia

    Many buildings and walls disappear out of the blue for no reason (?!?!)

    I have sent you PM, but no reply. This account is still used for wars and, obviously, can't defend itself properly. I would appreciate some support?
  6. Gosia

    There are people who have not logged in for more then 75 Days

    I believe it should be alliance Leaders, not Nexon, who decide about whom they want to keep or kick.
  7. Gosia

    Many buildings and walls disappear out of the blue for no reason (?!?!)

    I'm shocked to discover that the game decided to delete 1 Castle, 25 walls lvl 6, 2 gates lvl 6, 2 Stables lvl 5, 2 Towers lvl 6, 2 Redoubts, 1 Cannon Tower lvl 3, 1 Farm, 1 Ambush trap lvl 3 and 12 roads lvl 4. Just like that. Look how my war base used to look like and what's left from it now...
  8. Gosia

    The game won't load after recent update!

    I haven't had this problem so far, but my son is unable to log in the game as it says: "Good news! A new version of the game is avalaible.", but when he press "Update", it takes him to AppStore with just "Open" option to choose from - and after pressing it, he sees again: "Good news! A new...
  9. Gosia

    Why do some players still have their diamond mines?

    When I attack players I sometimes see they still have diamond mines, even though that event finished long time ago. I even took screen prints on 2 occasions but I'm not sure if I should report them. Any ideas?