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    Game freezes since friday

    Hello, I don't know if I'm the only one but, since friday, the game suddenly freezes and I have to leave. I use a Redmi 9T and Android system. How can I fix it? Thanks
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    DomiNations Update 12.5 - Coalition Troop Update and Auto-Spying!

    More QOL updates: Coalitions: - Make coalitions defenders spawn from different buildings inside your base such as the command post. Forest defenders: - Make forest defenders spawn from different forests simultaneously and not from the same spot. - Another idea is changing forest defenders by...
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    DomiNations Update 12.5 - Coalition Troop Update and Auto-Spying!

    Hello, I love these changes, coalition troops were irrelevant but now they have become more interesting, so good job! Regarding on other changes I would like to see, the first one is the possibility to select all buildings and move them together on the editing map. That would save a lot of...
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    Li vessel artifact + rapid deployment radio bug

    When rapid deployment radio at max level is equipped in the APCs, it removes the first 2s deployment time so the first soldiers are spawned instantly. But when you equipped the Li Vessel (a legendary artifact that reduces spawn speed of APCs) as well as this munition, there is a first...
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    Farms and caravans impact in war weight?

    How much does levelling farms and caravans impact in the war weight of a base? I mean, war matching is calculated just with the account level or does it depends on the military and defensive buildings' level?
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    DomiNations 9th Anniversary Celebration!

    If they add more european nations, they should be eastern ones: Russia would be the logical choice. I think some middle east nation would be very nice too, such as India, Egypt or Ottomans which could have elephants as unique troops on the first ages. And finally, US could be a nice addition...
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    General's rebalance: unique general for each nation

    I have added a couple of changes. What do you think?
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    We are in the Auto Age how about adding Russia and USA to Dominations

    Regarding the issue about adding new nations, maybe BHG could add something like "emerging nations" that were accessible from an "old nation" such as USA from Britain. They could share some perks too, and rebalance the current ones ofc.
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    We are in the Auto Age how about adding Russia and USA to Dominations

    This game is about old nations going through ages until the present. USA have just existed for 200 years so it's nonsense to exist here. Russia (or slavs) would make more sense, as well as India, Egypt or Persia.
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    March Legendary Calendar

    First of all, congratulations for the last updates, I love how this game is evolving even though I would prefer to have more munitions and comitees rather than more councilors. But regarding to legendary artifacts, do you think the british kettle drum and helgo budda are going to be available...
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    MRL rebalance please

    Hi everyone, This is a petition to rebalance or rework the MRL factory unit. I think it's a very nice idea to have a unit with a large area of damage such as this unit, but it simply doesn't work. It reminds me to the old field mortar, who fired so slow and did such poor damage than it was just...
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    Infantry spawned from APC

    I've just noticed that infantry units spawned from APCs are not real unique units, just their visuals. If you look at the unit's information, the infantry stats are the common stats, there is no bonus from being roman or german/japanese civ.
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    August Legendary Token Calendar

    First of all, good job with all new features you included in the new update. I like the new permanent changes on MRL but I feel they need 7 range. Regardless of the legendary actifact's calendar, could we expect to see the new ones such as "Helgö Buddha", "Maori war club", etc this year...
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    2nd airstrip and factory's upgrades bonus idea

    There is no reason to upgrade the second airstrip and the second factory above level 3 and 8 respectively (in fact, factory could even be level 4). I feel it's a wasted opportunity to give them some use, so my proposal is: - Airstrip: Upgrading the first airstrip unlocks planes' upgrades at the...
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    Countdown to 8th Anniversary Event

    Are the current king's tumb museum discounts going to stack with the countdown event discounts?
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    Tactical helicopters, transports and other units rebalance proposal

    I appreciate the barrack troops' rebalance to give them a defined role. However, I think that some factory troops like tactical helicopters need rebalance as well as other units. - Tactical helicopters and transports: I think that tactical helicopters should spawn 3 paratroopers (just 1 time)...
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    Infantry spawned by APC

    I've noticed that heavy infantry spawned by APCs are considerably weaker than heavy infantry trained as a single unit (see pictures). I am a german player and I don't know if it may influences this numbers, because it's just the "damage" and not "HP" what it's different. Is it correct or a bug...
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    My take on National rebalance

    I like the idea of more national bonuses while you progress through the ages, but +4 citizens for chinese is too much, they will "finish" the game too soon hahhah On the other hand, I would add two more nations but they must exist on the classical age, like Egyptians, Persians, Indians, Slavs...
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    Tips for gunpowder age. Pls

    I used to use a combination of 3 heavy cavalry, 4 bombards, 2 supply carts, 20 ranged infantry and 7 heavy infantry. As well as some sabotage and protection tactics. Use sabotage on enemy ballistas when your cavalry get close and let bombards take them down. This troop composition does not rely...
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    Prepare For Drone Command

    Why are there so many people complaining about this new units? Of course drones will change the warfare, this game is all about adjusting to the new weapons and threats that come with each age. Haven't you seen news from Ukraine war the last six months? Warfare evolves with every war and I love...