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  1. helix900

    Game being shut down for good soon???

    I am, just wanted to give an honest input from someone that’s been playing since day 1 so no one keeps spending on a game that has one foot in the grave.
  2. helix900

    Game being shut down for good soon???

    All signs are here that the game is on it’s last breath. Daily server issues, no new recruits for weeks and pay2win everywhere. 3-4 level 80 generals on accounts not even a year old. No one in their right mind is gonna spend anything on this crap. There are now lots of other games better than...
  3. helix900

    Stuck at title screen

    Thanks! It worked on my newer device. Still no go on the older one but I can live with that
  4. helix900

    Call to Arms v8.2 Update

    Can´t log on to the game after this latest update
  5. helix900

    Stuck at title screen

    After the latest update Im not able to log on to the game. It gets stuck at the loading screen. Have uninstalled/reinstalled but no go. Guess this is the end finally.
  6. helix900

    Expand & Conquer v8.1 Update

    No news yet on how to deal with the cheaters?
  7. helix900

    Medieval Rush (12/2/19 - 12/16/19)

    Any news on the cheating matter yet? Wanna know if there’s a reason to install this game again
  8. helix900

    Players can fix this

    Your stats says something completely different, more than 400k xp gained around much money have you spent on this game?
  9. helix900

    Great Emu War Event!

    Any news yet on this cheating matter Tinsoldier?
  10. helix900

    Stop everything and fix training blessing

    Greed is a killer for sure, it’s like peeing in your pants, it warms you in the short run but gets cold very fast...
  11. helix900

    Great Emu War Event!

    What is being done about the cheaters? How long are you gonna avoid this matter?
  12. helix900

    Are you seriously running a paid event while training blessings don't work?

    Airplane tickets from Nexon airways...we’ll get you there if the wings don’t fall off case that happens, we’re aware of the issue and working on a solution.
  13. helix900

    "Finger on the Pulse"

    I have a good guess where their fingers are planted but I’ll probably be banned from this forum if I tell you
  14. helix900

    Look at the team that maxed it's bases already

    Absolutely true, I even reported my for educational purposes hacked account. Nothing has happened, can still cheat away as much I like on that one. The thing is I don’t wanna do that, it gives me nothing. Is it really too much asked to be able to play this game fair and have all cheaters...
  15. helix900

    Look at the team that maxed it's bases already

    information age is next age, more of the same crap. It will never end. Game sucks so bad now I decided to delete even the for educational purpose created hacked account. This game should be used as a warning example on how you can turn something great into complete garbage.
  16. helix900

    Reporting cheats

    I agree with you but you´re wasting your time. Nothing will happen believe me. My best advice would be to not spend anything on this game
  17. helix900

    National Trade Good (NTG) Solutions/Discussion

    I agree, it is obvious Nexon dont play their own game. I gave up after playing almost as long as you. The game is garbage now. The customer care and customer support is worse than a bad joke not to mention the total lack of communication with their customers. This is a good example of how to not...
  18. helix900

    Cheaters will prosper!

    Tried creating a new account using a hacked crowns...would be possible to max out everything in no time. The security is a joke. No ban yet, not even a warning.
  19. helix900

    Unexplained WW1/Event Situation

    Then you need to wake up and put on your glasses...not the ones that says sponsored by Nexon.
  20. helix900

    The Dawn of the DIGITAL AGE!

    Hope is lost here, game deleted after over 4 years of playing. The game is only about greed now, Nexon dont give a crap of their customers. Cheat away, nothing is gonna happen and whatever you do, dont even consider spending anything on this garbage.