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  1. ~Kratos~

    DomiNations 2021: State of the Nation

    Sounds like a step in the right direction. Not holding any hopes, the last time I had this feeling with Muet was a big disappointment- but this post seems genuine and deserving attention. Please, address the existing bugs and nation/troop rebalances before release any additional ages or major...
  2. ~Kratos~

    Plane paths explained

    Well done, super info right there. (now age the hell up. :p )
  3. ~Kratos~

    Troops targeting Bastions 1st

    I would say the element of slowing down is a cool feature - but it is clearly way above reasonability at the highest level. A Heavy Tank getting stuck in the middle of a max level Bastion often means that Tank won't be reaching/hitting much or anything else throughout that battle, it is that...
  4. ~Kratos~

    Alliance Research v8.4 Update

    They should rename the 'bug fixes and improvements' section of the updates to 'new bugs and glitches introduced'. At least then we'll have everything in transparency. :p There's no bugfixes anyway, right? Perk 3 bug just reached its 1 year 'anniversary' last month. It's something that would be...
  5. ~Kratos~

    Alliance Research v8.4 Update

    I think it works a little bit more complicated - some part of the updates they roll out by the download component from the playstore/iOS store, and some from server side (no action needed by player). So I think he means that once all/most players have downloaded the new files, they can push the...
  6. ~Kratos~

    When is the Parliament release?

    Don't give them ideas... 😬
  7. ~Kratos~

    Known Game Issues

    Bumping my... 10 months (!!) old post about this issue. It is still. Not. Fixed. TinSoldier You guys are some kind of magicians of laziness. Get to work god damn it! There are no excuses to this...
  8. ~Kratos~

    We should be able to inactivate TC Donations and Generals on defense

    Agreed. With Generals, my current work-around is simply deactivating the ones I use for war, while I'm not playing. But this uses oil, since you have to spend when you activate them again... Definitely a thumbs up for sleep mode
  9. ~Kratos~

    Expand & Conquer v8.1 Update

    Very good update. I totally disagree with that sentiment above, creating lots of rushed/bad bases is not a problem for the game, it is actually healthy for it. More available loot = more activity = more players remain. Plus, giving players the -option- to age up earlier is always a nice thing -...
  10. ~Kratos~

    Rumours on DA ... you told some players in private

    'Fixes towards'... my God, this twisting of words... is it fixed, or is it not? Thumbs down comment.
  11. ~Kratos~

    Space age cannot attack Atomic bases anymore

    I haven't found a single Korean base in the past 3 days, no joke. At least 70 different bases hit already. Got all my porcelain from Moctezuma capstone bonus. Not sure if this has to do with the change though, as I'm atomic. If anything, it should give me more free'd up targets that space ages...
  12. ~Kratos~

    Rumours on DA ... you told some players in private

    This sounds fishy. First of all, war weight issue=matchmaking issue, as far as I'm concerned. And why would this communication benefit anyone? If they really are fixing them, they should be 'proud' and share it with the community for good feedback. Or are they not sure it'll actually work and...
  13. ~Kratos~

    The Dawn of the DIGITAL AGE!

    It probably will affect, resistance troops have identical stats to their spawned counterparts-
  14. ~Kratos~

    The Dawn of the DIGITAL AGE!

    There are no bugfixes. The bugfixes is the group title for that part of the post, but the content is actually 'minor text edits'. All the crap will remain the same.
  15. ~Kratos~

    The Dawn of the DIGITAL AGE!

    Bug Fixes and Improvements Minor art fixes Minor text edits ^The most important part, that I look forward to when reading an update, of course empty as always. So the bugs we've been asking for half a year to be fixed will all remain. Great job. No comments on the content part because this...
  16. ~Kratos~


    One comma would solve your problem. ;)
  17. ~Kratos~

    No event rewards

    I finished 1st in my group leaderboard and 3rd on my alt's, both accounts nothing, zero, nada, nichts, semmi, null rewards. That's an event building and 16 good troop tactics missing right there, FYI. Can these guys develop anything that works? Really, anything? Because it doesn't seem that...
  18. ~Kratos~

    Bug with houses and workers

    I agree, it is absolute fraud and should be illegal anywhere. But probably these kind of game developers will get away with anything.
  19. ~Kratos~

    Bug with houses and workers

    It is, indeed, an early access only, and the fact they've been selling it with the completely misleading scam title 'extra house' speaks volumes about the attitude and respect that Nexon has towards their players. Unfortunately you're out of luck here. There have been hundreds of complaints...
  20. ~Kratos~

    Space age targets after DA drops

    I consider this to be regular occurence. The top age gets to attack 2 ages down (so to avoid have too small pool of bases), and once a new top age comes out, the previous age returns to the -1/+1 age rule. This one thing doesn't require a lot of communication in my view