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  1. J

    Tips on upgrading walls

    With retrain blessing, high medals and artifacts that increase loot you can upgrade walls really fast. With no retrain blessing I would indeed stick to low medal rushed bases.
  2. J

    DomiNations v9.7 Checks and Balances

    I cam buy starter pack 3 with an extra house but I'm pretty sure I already bought it a long time ago...
  3. J

    Next Event, Admiral Yi’s Helmet...

    Destroy castles, command posts and generals. 437 of them. Some of us have to work too...
  4. J

    Level 10 Dock Expeditions

    Regular planes die very fast on most bases and they have more than 3x the health of those planes if maxed out. When you announced a new dock upgrade I expected some actual cold war age troops, not the same global age paper planes. Please change the troop rewards to something like: - 1 transport...
  5. J

    23rd August Twitch Stream - what did you think?

    New university leader that buffs generals and mercenaries. When completed you get a new general (starts at level 21) that rides an elephant and summons elephants. Nice
  6. J

    Rumored Museum Artifact

    Damn and here I was hoping it would be 40% dps and health increase for heavy tank like the current general one. :(
  7. J

    Museum sale

    You are right, That is the same for me too.
  8. J

    Museum sale

    Okay so the first museum sale has appeared. That's ok, I expected as much. But come on, this price tag is ridiculous. :( Especially considering you cannot get it through any other means. I bet if you priced it at 10 euro max at least 10x more people would buy it.
  9. J

    First thoughts on the museum?

    I like it. It looks like a huge grind but at least there is always something to do even when you are capped on resources and all your workers are busy. Bonuses look nice too. Already got 2 artifacts on display that when completed give: +50% oil looted on attack +50% gold looted on attack +15%...
  10. J


    I have the same artifact on 2 accounts but the bonuses were not the same. I think this will be a huge grind to get artifacts with the best combination. Upgrading an artifact to level 3 only takes 12 hours it seems and upgrading the bonuses themselves are instant but more costly the 2nd time...
  11. J

    Lugal Event!

    Nice event. I was almost ready to spend 157k oil at the library but looks like i get 2 for the price of 1 now. 😀
  12. J

    Decoy nerf that isn't just raising their tactic space.

    I think this is a good idea. Make all tactics take 1 spot again and don't allow more than 1 of each. You can't spam the same tactic over and over so they won't be overpowered. I do think the training time needs to be halved though if they do this.
  13. J

    Winter for the Ages: Atomic Rush (1/16 - 1/30)

    Is the missile silo not discounted in atomic rush? Done in a few days with level 2 upgrade and was hoping to do level 3 after that.
  14. J

    How do you feel about the upgrade time?

    I think they should add a university leader that can be maxed in industrial age that has things that decrease building times by 30%. I also think he should decrease tactics and troop training (including aircraft) by 30%. I would make sense as it is industrial age.
  15. J

    Latest Nexon Scam?

    Unless you can get a permanent building from a chest I'm not going to bother with any of the chests. It's just not worth it.
  16. J

    Future leader

    I like this idea but I think it should be at least 2-3 workers. Or even better. What if you would get this bonus for completing this leader: maxing your farms and caravans gives 1 extra citizen for every 4 of each maxed in your current age (up till 4 citizens). The moment you go to a next age...
  17. J

    Campaign for the Training blessing to apply to all Airstrip troops!

    I support this idea. The still need to adjust planes though even if they do implement this. If original target is destroyed just make them retreat rather than circling around towers.
  18. J

    The Estate is a permanent or a temporary building?

    I want more builders too. Preferably more houses that can be bought with gold but if not then another estate that can also be bought with crowns.
  19. J

    Add people to finish buildings?

    I like this suggestion. It will not matter in the long run but I like being able to finish important buildings like armory and baracks faster. How about taking this a step further and add the option to add people to university or library to increase research speed?
  20. J

    You have to love this AI...

    Hey at least they target the same part of the wall. :O