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  1. Hansi

    Petition against sitrep

    Signed. I am surprised that they didn’t learn anything from the past.
  2. Hansi

    Loot Resource Refund

    I believe the issue has been fixed through today’s update. It has started working for me 😊 Edit: I was wrong. It has not been fixed.
  3. Hansi

    Weekend Discounts (11/19): Galileo Galilei Event

    TheWise Welcome back!!
  4. Hansi

    TinSoldier no longer with BHG

    I just read in a post in “News and Announcements” section of the forum that TinSoldier has left BHG 🙁 Tin was by far the best of the lot and helped us the best he could. I for sure will be missing him.
  5. Hansi

    Five Years of DomiNations v8.3 Update

    Thanks! I hope the last point (regarding cheaters) works well.
  6. Hansi

    Deja vu

    Oooo - I was getting many of these almost back to back a few days ago. Now I know why 🙂 Thanks!
  7. Hansi


    If the phone/tablet OS version is supported by the game, then BHG probably has no way to downgrade the game performance. I thought I read it somewhere that Apple doesn’t allow that to happen. If this is all about unsupported OS, then it makes sense. However, given the plethora (!) of information...
  8. Hansi

    Digital Age House Cost

    I bought it for $40 (plus tax). It came with 5,000 crowns as well.
  9. Hansi

    War attacks not registered lost cards not fun fix this now!!!

    In our case, the entire war has been wiped clean from everywhere! Even the war history shows the last to last war. We wasted so much resource to be in a winning position (80-45) with just 1 hour to go and its now all gone 🙁
  10. Hansi

    Can the flying General Zhukov be killed by assassin units?

    An assassin can always take a disguise and sneak into the helicopter before it takes off and then kill General mid-air 😃
  11. Hansi

    World War Matchmaking - Design Spotlight 2019

    Finally it feels so good to read about such a complete overhaul of the war match making system! Thanks so much for giving your valuable time to write such a detailed post. I haven’t seen such a great detail from anyone at BHG before. I understand that the new match making will take sometime to...
  12. Hansi

    To war or not to war

    I’ll say something in support of #1. If you lose both the attacks, then imagine the time and resources needed to retrain the entire army and tactics. The troop cards donated to Strongholds and used in the attacks are gone forever. But the biggest psychological disappointment is the actual loss...
  13. Hansi

    A dominations war story

    Blood Good catch! I was wondering where I had seen that writing style before, but the user is supposedly so new. Now it makes sense! So it was a war where one bunch of cheaters fighting against another bunch and finally won because they were a better cheater than the other alliance 😂🤣😂🤣
  14. Hansi

    why the 15 and 25 WW are obsolete?

    BHG_Muet Thanks for such a detailed explanation. I appreciate it. To the alliances, who are used to old numbers matches, you can put up two sets/groups of players to get better matches. It’s true that many players have to wait longer to participate in wars. But I feel that you should adapt to...
  15. Hansi

    Has anybody upgraded the Dock?

    You made my day with that line 😂🤣😂🤣😂
  16. Hansi

    Space Age on the Horizon!

    This is exactly what I was thinking as well 😂 Nowadays BHG can’t even release an update with few new features without a bus load of super-major bugs. I can’t imagine how many bugs we’ll see with the release of this new age 😳
  17. Hansi

    Black Pixel and Lime Green Lines Appeared after Recent Minor Update on iOS

    BHG pushed some “upgraded visual change packs” that degraded the graphics. However, a few days later they “downgraded visual change pack” that finally upgraded the graphics back to normal. At least that was quick for them to fix. I wish if they could fix the major bugs of v6.7 that easily.
  18. Hansi

    Victory Chest available in 3 days and 11 hours... after the update

    This is so true for me. I am getting Victory Chest rewards after every 12 stars. However, my counter tells me that I need to wait for over 5 days 😆
  19. Hansi

    Air Training Blessing

    Oh! We had a long running campaign for this and they finally released one at last (2 years after the campaign started?)
  20. Hansi

    Combat Rebalance Design Spotlight (Stage 3)

    Wow! That's a shocker Festivus! I remember we had fun war with you a few months ago and I respect your alliance and your attacking skills. I also love reading your posts in the forum. It is sad to see you quitting war :(