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  1. Rogue Squirrel

    hello, fellow newcomers! let's chat about building

    Buildings always require the same amount of citizens to upgrade them - tap on each building to see how many citizens are needed. There are however reductions in the cost of upgrading buildings. if you tap on the icon that looks like a list written on paper (bottom right of your screen) it will...
  2. Rogue Squirrel

    about marco polo artifacts

    A guy in my alliance saved up tokens for months and eventually bought the Art of War to boost his heavy tanks - not long after, the meta changed to artillery/mortars. I feel really sorry for him. I'm not sure what my point is here, perhaps just a warning for others
  3. Rogue Squirrel

    App not launching

    I think you need to have at least iOS 12 installed on your iPad for dominations to work (check -settings/general/about- to see what iOS version you have). IPAD 2 should be capable of updating to iOS15 so that shouldn't be a problem though. Don't know if this helps
  4. Rogue Squirrel

    Fortin troops

    Fortin is stronghold in English :)
  5. Rogue Squirrel


    Quitaron la opcion hace unos meses. No se por que Quejaron del mismo aqui:
  6. Rogue Squirrel

    during a 15x15 war the system shows the wrong base under attack

    Looks like he needs to update his war base. You do it in the map editor or directly from the war screen using the 'edit' button. Whenever i get a new player in wars I check their war base to make sure they're updated. Quite a few don't realise there is a separate base for wars
  7. Rogue Squirrel

    New to space age and i suck at ww. Need tips.

    If generals are very strong, wait until they are within range of your own troops and drop a decoy tactic then attack with fighters. If you can destroy the castle before they spawn they'll already be damaged when they come out.
  8. Rogue Squirrel

    Tactics Limit?

    No, they don't use up a space in your tactics inventory. They are just extra tactics
  9. Rogue Squirrel

    lost the game completely.

    Are you using the latest version of Bluestacks? (Bluestacks 5) If not, download it and reload your old game. Might help
  10. Rogue Squirrel

    Unlimited Free Stronghold units

    Yeah, there's a bug that gives you unlimited troop tactics in the stronghold - someone in my alliance knows how to do it but I haven't bothered asking them the details because I prefer to win wars without cheating. At the moment we see it it in about one in every four wars. It's pretty obvious...
  11. Rogue Squirrel

    Unlimited Tupelovs

    There's a bug which allows you to access unlimited Tupelovs and Nighthawks in the stronghold. The opponents in three of our last four wars have all exploited this bug. People in my alliance are beginning to question whether we should do the same or we're going to be left behind. If this bug...
  12. Rogue Squirrel

    War of 15 are back !

    Don't know where you've been for the past year, but they bought this feature back a long time ago :)
  13. Rogue Squirrel

    game unfortunately close on emulaator

    Right click on the Bluestacks icon and click on 'Troubleshoot compatability', then click on 'Try recomended settings' and then 'Test the programme' - it might tell you what's wrong
  14. Rogue Squirrel

    Server Down?

    What have they done? Can't get into my account today - keeps telling me there's an update when there isn't. Tried reinstalling, didn't solve the problem
  15. Rogue Squirrel

    What Inbox?

    Your inbox is in the icon that looks like a letter /envelope (with a red wax seal) on the left side of the screen
  16. Rogue Squirrel

    Failed login. Try again 501 exception from server

    Latest update (9.2) seems to be the cause. Hopefully they'll sort it out soon
  17. Rogue Squirrel

    Players with name Leader

    This problem isn't new. We had someone join our alliance four years ago with the name Leader. We noticed after a couple of wars that something wasn't right because no one attacked her base in war. She contacted customer services and they sorted the problem out for her and she got her old name...
  18. Rogue Squirrel

    When is the Winter of Ages event starting?

    It's just started
  19. Rogue Squirrel

    Visit today of one admin to Checkout out our progress

    I think all the devs are encouraged to play the game (doesn't mean they're any good at it though). Tin Soldier definitely had an account and was in an alliance. But this guy just sounds like he's a cheater and didn't want you to report him....