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    Big Huge Games has gotten it right!

    Error message when trying to give a like to commen#2. Nexon, you are desperate, aren't you?
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    Our worst fears realized

    I thought this is a strategy based game. of course, some people need $ to complement their IQ.
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    Bases are twice as difficult yet timer remains the same

    It is hard to believe there are still people out there praising the rebalance.
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    Bases are twice as difficult yet timer remains the same

    require a shift in mindset? more like requires sh*t in mindset to be ok with this.
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    Are you insane?

    These guys are greedy and stupid.
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    In case you missed it

    This Startrektard praises on every changes.
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    This Game should be about Offense -not Defense.

    1. Now all the units are underutilized. 2. Victory rate will probably drop because the rate of losing players will increase. TinSoldier
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    Please read before considering to join

    Sounds like a nice alliance. What is everyone's attitude for War? Like where do they fall between try their best or miss out on both attacks.
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    Add 5 vs 5 and 3 vs 3 for War

    You will need it. Too many players are gone.
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    Looking for an Alliance

    Harsh reaction by your teammate but by default you shouldnt donates raiders unless people ask for thats like a given
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    Looking for an Alliance

    Ha! Surprised!
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    🐾More Animals, More Fun 🐾

    Good idea. Maybe the tigers and elephants can help on defending too. It’s in their nature.
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    Marco Polo Needs To Offer More Things For Rubies

    Agreeing with Nexon is acting strong while speaking up is acting weak? 🤔
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    Eliminate each empty slot when every troop are fully deployed.

    Or allow us to manually place them instead of the default. Right now I have to scroll all the way back to use my tactics.
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    Some ideas that might improve the game

    I have seen a lot of CW players using only factory troops and make great attacks.
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    Player-guided Museum improvements

    It would be nice if they listened to this. Too bad. i am curious, who is the person or team that started the rebalance? Startrekalliance works for Nexon?
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    Marco Polo Needs To Offer More Things For Rubies

    Thought you loved the rebalance, like your boy startrekalliance
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    University Idea

    That would be so nice!
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    Weekly Global Challenge Campaign

    Nate the Great i doubt they build this game from scratch. When I first played this game, my impression was they copied everything from Age of Empires, if you played that game you can see even the special units for each nation is the same, they copied concepts from games like CoC. Only thing they...