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    Actions Against Game Exploits

    If youre not telling us what youre doing to cheaters, it means youre doing nothing end of discussion.
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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    Well, its great to know the developers and PR team have enough time on their hands to change game mechanics across the board. Its not as if there are a hoard of bugs and who knows how many cheaters to attend to.
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    Game fails to load Android and iOS

    Im on IOS and the game just hangs on the loading screen. Have tried reinstalling but no joy. Are the bhg servers down again?
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    Not able to start a new war

    Same issue for us! And no response from helpdesk.
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    Will bugs ever be resolved?

    Random resets of some alliance member donation counts. Donation request numbers frequently incorrect. Wanting to donatate and getting “please wait”. Bastions on map editor not working correctly. Friendly challenge results not updating. Replays having no relation to actual battle. Library not...
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    Latest update

    At the rate bhg are forcing marketing stunts on players we will soon spend more time closing marketing windows than actually playing the game!
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    Network Connection error

    Guys, its not your devices, its not your internet connections, its the bhg servers, which by my reconing must be at least 5 years old by now. Untill they actually ugrade their servers, nothing will change for the better.
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    Where is Marco Polo?

    He seems to be gone, no explanation that i can find.
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    BHG servers down again.

    Once again the server is not responding, maybe while its down use the time to fix som of the myriad of bugs we have been brining to your attention. Oh and ps - saying a bug is fixed does not make it so! Bastions still not fixed for example.
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    Donated troops are missing

    Same story in our alliance, if bhg only spent a little more on server updates ..............
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    Network Connection error

    Same problem, my wifi is running at 198Mdps, yet dominations cannot load, and if it loads you have to wait through 20, please waits before you can do anything.
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    Known Game Issues

    Donation issue still not fixed, and marking it fixed while not actually doing anything like with the bastions wont help.
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    Known Game Issues

    And still you claim the map editor bastion issue is fixed while it is not!
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    Known Game Issues

    Still no fix for war donations. Still no fix for bastion issue on map editor. How is it possible to match a alliance where the lowest participant is a lvl 150 with lvl 50 generals, and the top six are all lvl 320 or above, all with lvl 80+ generals to an alliance where the top player is 5starred...
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    Known Game Issues

    Even though you decided the bastion issue on the editor is sorted, it is NOT! The alliance donations in war is still not sorted out. cheaters run rampant in your game, and all you do is think of ways to make honest players pay more.