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  1. Gargantuar

    HT splash damage missing .

    Ok found one . This thread can be closed by mods .
  2. Gargantuar

    Heavy Tank Splash damage is gone after the 6.7. Update

    +1. Need this ASAP. Game has become unplayable now .
  3. Gargantuar

    HT splash damage missing .

    Ok so is there any thread dedicatedly related to heavy tanks. All I see is a clubbing of issues , with HT getting a passing reference. The ill-effect is that fixing HT splash damage is not a priority for Nexon , as they feel not many are affected so it's not that important. If there is a...
  4. Gargantuar

    HT splash damage missing .

    The latest update has messed Heavy Tank splash damage . Is it being fixed ? It's an important element of all HT attack. Please fix this ASAP . Thanks.
  5. Gargantuar

    Museum pop survey - What's the chance of getting an 11%er?

    Been long time. But this topic definitely made me log in. Well i didn't do the experiment mentioned above, but have been extremely active with the museum (at level 5) now. On the release day of the museum , i could see selling a 1 star useless item fetched 40 artifacts and 25 blueprints - that...
  6. Gargantuar

    Arguments for staying in AA or moving on to CWA

    This reason exactly captures my state of mind right now.
  7. Gargantuar

    Has Dominations peaked and the company is now milking all they can get?

    KniferX I definitely know what am talking about . And the evidence is despite what you say , the Brit rifle spam hasn't hit me in the last 3 days , which was never the case earlier. Which means silo does do what it was intended to do . Now coming to the mercs part , so even I never said using...
  8. Gargantuar

    missle silo makes the game no fun sorry

    1) Heavy tank armies 2) People who have got 5 minutes to launch a full attack and then they gotta go somewhere/do something. 3) people who can manage with one sabo (will be able to launch 3 pvp attacks) 4) People who are able to spread out their gameplay over the day in 5 min breaks after...
  9. Gargantuar

    missle silo makes the game no fun sorry

    I have said it before and repeat. Make the silo rechargeable using 1000 oil. Once recharged missile silo can fire 10 missiles . Something very similar to what happens to bunkers . This should solve the PvP problem. when the bunkers were first introduced they were a terror. But slowly people...
  10. Gargantuar

    Has Dominations peaked and the company is now milking all they can get?

    It would be too early to say that the game is dying . The way I see it, they got out the silo to stop British archer/artillery spam . The expectations were that people would adapt to other troop combos and don't spam with archers. Guirellas , paratrooper on silo , battle tank on silo via TH etc...
  11. Gargantuar

    My Perception on the design philosophy/ business model

    Many have commented on the business model part . I just had a thought on the design philosophy part. Nerfing TH and introduction of silo has saved oil for some . In the past week I have had hardly 5 attacks which took more than 4K oil . I think this goes well with Nexon trying to push people to...
  12. Gargantuar

    Create missile silo now or wait for discount and upgrade planes?

    If you are building level 1 silo do it now. If you are upgrading then wait for discount. Getting the silo asap will save your precious resources . So that's how silo pays back. if you don't have a silo and the oil to be able to build it, it should not even be a question.
  13. Gargantuar

    RIP tactical helio

    I must agree TH is nerfed so bad it has become useless now. Just making it slower and targetable by AT guns would have been enough to stop oil raids , but viable in attacks . Now I genuinely cannot drop a battle tank or a commando behind enemy lines when needed (missions for which TH was...
  14. Gargantuar

    Latest Nexon Scam?

    It's a troop , so I guess anywhere on the borders yes. Though I haven't bought any .
  15. Gargantuar

    Latest Nexon Scam?

    On the face of it , infinite looks far more than limited APC spawns. But APCs spawn enough to win if used correctly . Plus immortals spawn on every 2-3 seconds and APC spawns 3 every 8 seconds, so spawn rate is comparable
  16. Gargantuar

    Latest Nexon Scam?

    Why even try ? Immortals seem to me like pre-dated version of APC .
  17. Gargantuar

    AMA (Ask Me Anything) on sept, 29th 2017 19:00 until 20:00 UTC

    believe this is answered already. The general consensus in the community seems to be decoy has no effect on triggering the silo. Or even if it has, there is no clear pattern. Saw a test video where 4 decoys were deployed simultaneously to trigger the silo. Nothing happened (to the silo).
  18. Gargantuar

    Tactical Helicopter Nerf

    Actually now that i think of it , leave TH as it is. ell , even three field howwies coming out of TC shoot at it. My earlier understanding was that it would be invincible. But there are just too many things shooting at it if not careful. Any nerfing will make it useless. And yes practically ...
  19. Gargantuar

    Poll: What changes would you like to see on the Missile Silo?

    I think making it cost oil to recharge is an excellent idea . And why not. Missiles are far more fuel guzzlers than heavy tanks. OK realism aside, this is the simplest solution to "Good for war , bearable for PvP" . If you want supercharged defense , arm the silo and sleep at night . Then the...
  20. Gargantuar

    Future leader

    Maybe it is ahmanet reborn