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    Cast your Votes Good People (which are your favorite ideas)

    Heck yeah! The Chinese get a pug! Haha 😂 thanks for reading it and the feedback. I think nation specific dogs would be super cool. I am also down for a bunch of German shepherds if it means these space age sons of guns with their 20,000 hp commandos stop destroying half my base with one dude...
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    Cast your Votes Good People (which are your favorite ideas)

    1. Ability to buy all durations of speed ups for gold, food or oil. Likewise being able to buy Ironside manuals with gold, food and oil. (This can be processed in the Archive so its not such a useless building. 5 minute speed up 50,000 food or gold or 500 oil. 1 day speed up 5,000,000 food or...
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    CASTLE advancements

    Castles were traditionally integrated with the walls. It would be a very creative and beneficial perk if, perhaps through a library skill, the castle could connect with the walls. This would increase the amount of wall pieces available and would make the castle much more historically accurate.
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    Vault rework.

    I think this is a super cool idea. I get to the point where I am looting millions upon millions of gold, food and oil and it all just goes to waste because I couldn't possibly spend it all. It gets pretty annoying because I am just attacking to work up the ranks for season competitions and that...
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    QoL Suggestions

    Also, to add to the dock, it would be amazing to have some library skill to reduce citizens required for voyages. It would also be cool if you could send generals out alone without citizens for less of a reward as I always have generals sitting around but rarely citizens.