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    Battle Replays

    Here's a suggestion. Put a bit more emphasis on fixing what's broken instead of adding more and more new stuff. Inaccurate battle replays are useless. The war matching system has been fubar for as long as I've played the game. Those are two real qol issues.
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    DomiNations Update 12.4 - Custom World Wars

    I don't suppose this update does anything to address the gross mismatches in war since I see no mention of it. If you're going to screw around with world war options and cosmetics for the store fix the war mismatches first. BHG has promised fixes for years that never materialized. Oh yeah...
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    Would people be interested in being able to talk to people by something like a private message system?

    I don't know about private messenge but an implementation of global chat would be great. Other games have it but I guess BHG doen't care about implementing it. Go figure. It's been brought up in these forums more than once. Maybe if they can charge crowns for each message! A game pay phone...
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    Virginia USA wants you!

    Come pillage and plunder with us! Weekly wars with a winning average. Free beer every February 29th!
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    Knights of Nee

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    Can't Get Rid of SCUD

    Well the ghost SCUD launcher is finally gone after all. It's only been around 10 months or so. If I ever win another one it will never get used.
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    Can't Get Rid of SCUD

    I won't hold my breath.
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    Chat room improvements

    I played Call of Duty: Heroes until Activision killed the game around 5 years ago. We had global chat and alliance chat and it worked well. It's a decent recruiting tool in global. Global chat never got out of hand because they'd block you or worse. I don't remember exactly, but the 2 channel...
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    Can't Get Rid of SCUD

    I first posted about the 'ghost' SCUD launcher in May of what is now last year. Still got it. I'm done with the wailing siren and waiting for the green curtain to pull back so I can actually launch an attack. Crickets from CS other than to 'be patient'. I can't be the only one. Not a whole lot...
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    BHG will NEVER....

    I don't think they'll ever fix the so called 'replays'. As is they're not replays at all for the defender. They should drop the 'replays' altogether if they refuse to fix them. If you complain via CS you just get the standard response that 'we're working really hard on this' BS. Fix it or drop it.
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    Can't Get Rid of SCUD

    It's now the middle of October and I STILL have the ghost scud launcher! Meanwhile I keep getting the standard answer from CS that they're 'working very hard' to fix it. Guess what? I don't believe it. I getting pretty fed up with this game and issues that never get addressed.
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    Quality of Life Request - Replays

    I'll probably only sleep 8 hours tonight being so worried about BHG shutting down the game because of a purchase boycott. Replays are useless for the defender. I've been back and forth with CS and they tell me they're 'working very hard' to fix it. I know better. I don't like being lied to.
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    Quality of Life Request - Replays

    Maybe an in game purchase boycott would get BHG's attention.
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    Quality of Life Request - Replays

    It's strange that replays of my war attacks look accurate but when an opponent supposedly five stars me the replay shows he barely scored a single star. What is the explanation for the disparity in replays? There's no reasonable explanation that I can see. And what is the explanation that such...
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    Can't Get Rid of SCUD

    Still have the ghost scud. Don't have much faith in CS at this point.
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    Virginia USA wants you!

    Weekly wars! No pressure!
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    Can't Get Rid of SCUD

    Since reporting the issue to CS way back in May I still have the ghost SCUD launcher button and have to wait for the green 'curtain' to pull across the screen every time I launch an attack. I've tried following up with CS a couple of times but no fix. This is getting real old.
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    Hotfix gifts not received

    I've got 3 accounts and no speedups have appeared in any of them.
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    Update 11.11 Alliance speed up requests

    Same thing for me. As soon as I updated.
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    Virginia USA wants you!

    Virginia USA is one of the oldest alliances in the game. Over the years we've evolved and drifted away from warring. We've lost members over the isuue. That's changing. We will have weekly wars at minimum. We don't have a bunch of silly rules and people don't get booted over petty crap. Come...