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  1. Vapula

    Slow resource generation error?

    They got raided
  2. Vapula

    Active Accounts

    I consider active if I log in on it daily or if I am able Finish all the tasks of these 5 day events. (I'm not saying the train troops or earn stars one because the best way to knock all of those out is simply log it the last day and do 3 5* raids then untrain and retrain your entire army...
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    Active Accounts

    4 4 4 4
  4. Vapula

    Switching nations and wonders - why never on offer anymore?

    I miss the half cost museum reroll event the most! Usually changing nations, wonders, unlocking second slots are a one off thing but museums and meta change so much more frequently that I'm surprised it hasn't happened in so long.. Genuinely and honestly I'd rather have the 50 crown reroll...
  5. Vapula

    University Reserch times

    1) 3 artifacts and 60% is quite literally not possible, either you meant 3 artifacts 45% or 4 artifacts 60% 2) the 24 hours is shown after reduction. The time reduction from space needle, microprocessor (and possibly Academic timetables in parliament and Mansa/Chief) is already added to the...
  6. Vapula

    Arabic & Islamic civilization & Figures

    I mean it does to some extent apply to irl experiences as well its just a matter of how you see it. For example when you are a child most often you are provided everything on a platter you dont have to put your mind into anything (okay other than doing good at academics) but all in all you are...
  7. Vapula

    Arabic & Islamic civilization & Figures

    Cold War is 12th age. Sooo 9th would be industrial and 10th would be global which makes sense coz if you remember they recently cut down the build time till industrial upto 50% so he is not used to the actual time requirements and is now faced with the harsh reality of life
  8. Vapula

    would you all want a 4th barracks?

    T The problem isn't top age or low age.. The base game is 100% defense heavy in the current meta. Only reason offense has a fighting chance especially against top defenders is the usage of Recon TTs, Stallions, BHMs, Tupos. You remove those TTs no top defender with maxed munitions is ever...
  9. Vapula

    would you all want a 4th barracks?

    Only if it adds like 30ish troop space too. AHs are mostly useless without TTs like recons or Bhms but 2-3 more AHs could definitely make it interesting That said we need a map expansion more than anything imo, to have any meaningful base you are already covering pretty much all the spots...
  10. Vapula

    Auto revenge feature

    You do that only for revenge raids? 🫣 Thats the story of my every IRB raiding session? AITA 😂
  11. Vapula

    Are unique units change to default units from the Command Post Building?

    Android or ios? Also have you upgraded your command post recently? Mine is still nation specific
  12. Vapula

    Is this a kind of joke?

    Let me guess.. he used lots of mortars, some howitzers and you think there's no way those barrack troops with teeny wheeny HP can take down your mighty mighty 400 base?
  13. Vapula

    QOL suggestion - claim all button

    Hey @Harlems369th I wanna say right off the bat the amount of freebies we get these days is truly amazing and it has bridged the gap between f2p and p2w quite nicely where everyone gets what they want either by spending money or simply being active in game, which is a good indication for the...
  14. Vapula

    Bunker Heavy Tanks Spawn Question

    Alliance perk level 23
  15. Vapula

    March Legendary Calendar

    Guys lets cut them some slack, not every month can be February, if they keep opening the Vault every the "premium" legendaries will lose thier charm.. I've always vouched for the legendary cycle to be updated and/or changed, but still this month somehow feels justified.. We had an awesome...
  16. Vapula

    Flaw with the current Marco token system

    1) Okay it may have been wrongly written what I meant was vast majority of players who eagerly wait out for legendaries and save their tokens in hopes of one day finally getting that one awesome legendary, but month after month they are just met with sadness and despair.. As for the vast...
  17. Vapula

    The Shipyard is needing an update to armies

    Not if you are global or higher coz then it's essentially free with 0 citizens only thing it takes is time which is fine coz you can just send expeditions and forget about it.. That being said I've said it a million times as well, either give better troop tactics in higher ages (not a...
  18. Vapula

    manufactory advantage a lot auto age over others! it's not fair

    Kid can you stop crying about stuff you don't have.. I'm not auto either but I still think it's fair for Autos to have 4 slots and Drone have two.. You know why because it's significantly better than only autos unlocking manufactory.. Like it was the case with Drone command or hermitage or...
  19. Vapula

    mortar troops too overpowered

    As people have said, they have already tilted the needle towards defense, there is literally no troop other than mortars that can consistently hit 3D bases without the use of premium TTs.. You nerfs mortars you will have a complete distinction of teams which would be proportional to how much...
  20. Vapula

    Flaw with the current Marco token system

    I've been following the updates on forums, twitter and a common trend I'm seeing every month is the vast majority of players being upset at the quality of legendaries offered at Marco and I believe the big reason for that is the current 300 token legendary cycle is littered with unworthy or old...