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    The Third Voyage of James Cook

    Or... 1 guaranteed diamond and 3 ntg per battle (if you get any) So 4 per battle... oh only 139 5 star battles per day, only 973 in a week Less however many you get from storehouses...
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    The Third Voyage of James Cook

    Nexon... are you having a laugh??? 354 diamonds and Ntg's for stage 1 at cwa. 3894 at stage 5. Thats 556 per day! Good one!
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    Supply drops!

    Oh how it would be nice to see one... and no, it's not because I haven't collected oil or picked up my whole base to see if it's hidden
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    Interesting link to catch the cheater

    Would like to know the origin of this list's data, where it came from and who put it all together. One of our members is listed.
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    Should the current levels of RSS production be the new standard?

    Are we all ready for the state of the economy to drop like Britain during brexit negotiations??!
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    Should the current levels of RSS production be the new standard?

    For the sake of clarification, I'm a lvl237 aa, maxed attack, maxed defence, all farms / vans are lvl 12. Walls going to lvl 14 currently. The walls grind is the main purpose for the point of this poll, the game is better for raiding with the economy in its current state. Players with maxed...
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    Should the current levels of RSS production be the new standard?

    This.. 95% of my loot definitely comes from raiding.
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    Should the current levels of RSS production be the new standard?

    Should the current levels of resource production be the new standard? Higher resource availability is better / worse for the game?
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    Battle time as a war decider

    Is this turned back on yet?
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    Alliance xp points already bugged

    the clue is in the title. War won, maxed stars. No ally xp points awarded, only 1 green tick.
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    World War Matchmaking Changes

    Improved matchmaking my a**e... that is all
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    Total Cost of Walls (Math Inside)

    Gates have less health than walls >.<
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    Hit like an Atomic?

    P1sstakers are looking for a couple of AA players or globals who hit like AA to join the ranks. Whiners and time wasters need not apply. In all seriousness, there's no time for seriousness - thick skin required.
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    Outrageous battle

    Bumping due to complete lack of acknowledgement of the issue by the mods
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    Outrageous battle Global and industrial players in the same alliance with choppers in their barracks. I know now I said I wouldn't name and shame, but this can't go unmentioned. Fix the game, ban the cheaters not the players
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    Outrageous battle

    Imgur link of pics... How is this not an exploit??? The player in question left the alliance straight after the war too. Nb4powerup DomiNationsVigiles
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    Outrageous battle

    So it turns out that there's a new and interesting bug (according to CS). I shall call it another known hack / cheat that the developers know about but are not correctly acknowledging. Happy to share the two CS replies i have with Nb4powerup who i have also messaged about this. I have images...
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    Outrageous battle

    No Title
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    Outrageous battle

    Cheaty McCheaterson
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    Outrageous battle

    Anyone seen a lvl 50 medieval take out a lvl 230 aa before?