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    Posting Bugs and Known Issues (Please Read)

    I keep getting " illegal program detected 106/2" not that it matters, but android and I can't enter the game to report to cs
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    1.5 million per event?

    The only place I could find speed ups to purchase, was for 2x 6 hour building and 2x 6 hour research. That's 24 hours and it was $20. You got other things. 60 minutes gains you 100 points. So 24 hours gets you 2400 points. 1.5 mil points divided by 2400 is 625. 625 x $20 is 12500. Btw...
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    1.5 million per event?

    Can anyone explain to me how the weekly global leaders in each event aren't cheaters? Am I to believe people are putting 13k to win an event? And what is a digital or information age player using that many speed ups on? So this is my math, 1.5 mil event points. 15000 speed ups used( minus...
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    Dominations throws me out?

    That is a bunch of bull. Many of us with Android o beta have been telling you all for a few months that this game was incompatible with Android o. Your answer was that you dont care about non authentic os and you will address this issue when it's a legit version. Well it's here and many...
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    Android O

    You might want to hurry up. If I was you I would worry more about why it registered as a malicious program. I bet the span company used for the promo offer stuff is the issue. Android o is almost here for the masses.
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    “The Road to Better World War Matchmaking” aka Sandbagging!

    I understand wanting to win, but sandbagging is like going to a middle school so I can dunk on 10year olds. Nobody on the leader board that sandbags should be proud of it. Just like I am not going to post on a forum that I beat some 10 year olds at basketball. If i wanted to brag i would join...
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    Stronghold: Introduction!

    What about we replay? Wouldn't that be the first thing they should do based on customer feedback?
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    A.i. questions

    OK so it's up and down about the AI. I am not sure all the variables and although I do believe it may be better these are the issues I have with the AI. First, although it's better, what governs wall attacks. I still see stupid troops attacking a wall right next to an open spot. I even had...
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    Generals not getting credit for supply wagons

    All this didn't used to be. Why now. I guess to get crowns.
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    Generals not getting credit for supply wagons

    OK so I have noticed this for some time and tried to confirm. I believe what I suspect is true. In battle if your general gets attached, in the end you have to spend crowns to retrain or wait the time to use. The problem is you don't get credit for the supply trucks healing. So think of...
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    To My Fellow Forum Members...

    Elite usa will, popped into our alliance when he was at war with us. Under the name william. Said he had 6 alliances he bounced to and from. Advised he was elite usa will in the forum. Asked to give a play by play of how I attacked because there is no reply for war. He gave us some tanks...
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    For Nexon: Global Age cheater collection, pls take action

    How can you tell they are cheaters?
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    To My Fellow Forum Members...

    Maybe it's because u are in 6 alliances and bounce in and out of alliances during war
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    No loot from war

    Pretty simple, war ended, we won, no collect.
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    AI Sucks!!!!!

    Just to add to the ai. Why do archers continue to attack a structure even if enemy troops walk up to them, and elite royal companion brake away from defensive structures to fight troops. Also erc, or similar, will waste time going thru a wall to attack something when a perfect good target is...
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    Free General rebuild

    Each time the general has less then 15 minutes to go and it offers you Free 0 crowns to redo, it lies. It always takes a crown. Its only 1 but over time 3 generals repeat wars, it adds up.