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    Players can fix this

    Lol owned, ares pay to win, no skills at all.
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    National Trade Good (NTG) Solutions/Discussion

    Yeah making other nations more enticing is fantasyland and something that will never happen indeed. Too difficult for nexon.
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    National Trade Good (NTG) Solutions/Discussion

    Indeed, i hardly do war anymore. Used to do war back to back. But the grinding for ntgs to do only 2 war attacks is not really fun. Nexon will not change this cause they see people using crowns to buy their coalitions. This game is pay2win and now its even pay2play. The policy of nexon is try to...
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    National Trade Good (NTG) Solutions/Discussion

    He said it was fully doable but a grind. And thats what it is. It pushes people away from doing war. Doing every day a one hour grind for just 2 war attacks is ridiculous. Nexon will not change this cause they think people will spend crowns to get their coalitions.
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    Need alternative currency for NTG asap

    the ntg’s made me stop doing wars. Its driving people away from the game. I switched to clash of clans. There you dont have this kind of crap. Its a pity.
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    Poll : Delay the digital age release pluz

    No way they will delay, a new age is a moneymaker for nexon. Thats their main reason for releasing a new age.
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    Level of players to far spread

    it doesn’t matter if this is true or not, thats not my point. The point is that the level of all players is too far spread which makes shitty matchmaking. Bring them all a bit closer and war matches will be better. Make upgrading faster and the game will be more interesting for starting players.
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    Is Dominations p2w?

    Star trek, you can talk a lot but this game is pay2win. Compare to clash of clans, there you dont have heavy payed troopcards or heavy payed war legendaries. In that game there is no way to pay to get an uneven upperhand during war or a normal attack. Dominations even allows to bend the rules...
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    Level of players to far spread

    The level of all players is too far spread. With digital age coming it will be more. This will result in even worse war matchmaking. I would suggest to reduce all the upgrade times for the lower ages by at least 80 percent. And for the medium ages(atomic,coldwar) by at least 60 percent. A...
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    The New Event is Awesome and Fair! Sparta!

    To put everything a bit into perspective, this whole event ladder idea came from clash of clans they already had that for a few months. Not saying its a bad event btw ;)
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    War's are broken AGAIN - agree or disagree

    Agree,, we are doing a 20vs20 war, they have 19 space age we have 6 space age. Rest is cw atomic industrial. No way this is a fair match.
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    Cheating in Dominations

    Mazen are you also against the cheating of your own alliance, acting innocent here?
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    Cheating in Dominations

    The conclusion of this post is just complete bullshit Mazen. Not everyone is cheating. If you believe everyone is cheating, its only because you are a cheat yourself, thinking its normal using trooptactic bug.
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    First WW match after changes, please report here

    Its just total crap. we are nr800 in rankings and fight nr24 in rankings. Thats a horrible mismatch but on top of it we will lose 150 glorypoints. What a joke. Sandbagging still not fixed they have 12 space ages and 5 sandbags we have 8 space ages and no sandbags. Sorry to say but this game is...
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    World War is Back

    the whole point was to get rid of sandbags and what are you guys doing? A sandbag war.... lol, scared to get a mismatch :)
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    BRB (Big Red Button)

    Yeah with sound on you hear whats going on in the match. You get warnings from a silo starting to fire in case you missed it because it was hidden you get warnings when a general goes down etc. the thing you need to shut off is the music. But i am afraid manifesto and noangel dont understand this.
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    BRB (Big Red Button)

    The problem is people dont evaluate a base in 30 seconds, people can evaluate a base within 2 seconds. Then a 3 second animation is very annoying.
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    What's the status of the Space Age?

    They should remove the cap of 220 for coldwar. Its dumb and useless.
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    Assault Rally tactic - Appears to be REDUCING troop DPS at higher AR levels

    Going to have to wait 2 weeks for an official reply from tinsoldier where he will say we are investigating, then they are investigating for 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks before the fix is there.... their bugfixing workers really need a speedup blessing. Or spend some crowns to instantly fix it.