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    "Sparta or Death" Recruiting

    Hello to everyone that is in this alliance!! Im checking back in. Im currently level 43 in classical age. I will go to the next age soon. Im not quite high enough level yet but it wont be to much longer till maybe I can join.
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    So is "JointEffort" the name of your alliance?
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    Attacking Specific Players

    Ok..thanks for your input. I guess I should have kept this idea to myself. Quite a bit of views but nobody likes the idea..
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    "Sparta or Death" Recruiting

    I have played many strategy games myself. A lot of witch are similar to Dominations. Like clash of clans and clash of lords. I started playing Dominations about 4-5 days ago and im currently level 25 in classical age. I have yet to find an active alliance where people actually talk. By reading...
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    I dont really know if you will see this or not but anyways. Maybe if you posted on my page and...

    I dont really know if you will see this or not but anyways. Maybe if you posted on my page and told me what possible future updates for this game you are hoping for that I could understand why you are so strongly opposed to my idea.
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    Attacking Specific Players

    Also think about what this could lead to.....Alliances could have war with each other this war. One alliance could look up another alliance and start attacking the members in it from top to bottom (as long as they stay writhin the level gap). Then the alliance that was targeted could retaliate...
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    Couple of ideas

    I really like your number 1 and number 3 suggestions! Being able to change nations only one time in the game would be nice for those who think they picked poorly or those who got bored with their current one. First time I have seen changing nations brought up and I think its a good idea. (This...
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    Attacking Specific Players

    If you would kindly take time to read what I said then you would know that I DID NOT suggest that they change the attack feature.... only that they add this one so my idea has nothing to do with hitting the *next* button. They are 2 different attack options. Secondly, the whole point of adding...
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    Clan chat

    I hope they add this to the game but its not as important for now since the alliance still needs more work in my opinion.
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    Suggestions for a better DomiNations

    I like and agree with most of your ideas. A lot of people complain about the cost of upgrades however, if you work hard enough you will get there without having to spend any money. I also hope that they make the alliance mean more because I have yet to find an active alliance that talks...
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    Attacking Specific Players

    Thats also true however the game already requires you to be a certain level before you can progress to the next age anyways. Also since I did say they should have a level gap of 10 if they did have more defending troops they would also be low level and you would just run them over and if they...
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    Attacking Specific Players

    If someone has a high age and they are low level for that age then why worry? They may have good troops however, they will also have low level defences. Thanks for your concern though I have thought this through.
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    ​Generals nations and functionality

    I personally like this idea amd hope to see it in a future update. I am sure adding new generals to the game would also keep gamers interested in the game.
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    Attacking Specific Players

    I wish you could attack anyone you wanted by simply typing in their gamer name. However, you would need a level gap in my opinion. For instance, you can only attack people that are 10 levels below your current level. (If I were level 50 then I can only attack someone as low as level 40.)...