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  1. JuggernautJ

    DomiNations Update 12.7 - Automation Age Upgrades

    All of the above plus we can't see replays of battles from our current war. It seems quite likely we're going to lose this war (and the associated Glory) because of the iOS glitch. :(
  2. JuggernautJ

    main & war rooms, in museum and council

    Nicely resolved. Best wishes to all.
  3. JuggernautJ

    main & war rooms, in museum and council

    Not all people learn in the same way. It isn't as cut and dried as you seem to want it to be. Nor is the best learning always achieved when the person providing information makes only a minimal or token effort and leaves the learner to "sink or swim." If someone asks politely for information I...
  4. JuggernautJ

    main & war rooms, in museum and council

    Some people need help with Dominations. Others could use a lesson or two on how to be decent Human Beings...
  5. JuggernautJ

    is the Treasure dock Relevant these days

    At first I would buy Crowns there. The 2:1 value seemed worthwhile. Nowadays the only thing I buy at the dock are the Main and War Hall items. Even if you don't get a useful artifact you can sell them for Blueprints.
  6. JuggernautJ

    Expand Council Collection Rewards to 190

    I didn't see anybody "whining." I don't think it is unrealistic to expect an expansion of a reward/commission system. The parameters of the Council have expanded... so too should the reward parameters. It seems likely BHG will continue to introduce even more new councilors. Why wouldn't they...
  7. JuggernautJ

    Expand Council Collection Rewards to 190

    Adding my voice to the request. And it needs to go way over 190!
  8. JuggernautJ

    November Legendary Token Calendar

    I am trying to understand (the value of) The Enigma Machine.... When is the Enigma Machine used? Does one place it in the Legendary slot of the museum when one starts research or does it have to be there for the entirety of the research period (so, basically, all the time)?
  9. JuggernautJ

    Marco Polo Calendar

    Since when, exactly? <.< >.>
  10. JuggernautJ

    BHG will NEVER....

    As the Buddha teaches us, the source of our discontent is unrealistic expectations. Perhaps if we understood what won't change we will have the wisdom to accept that and focus on those things we can hope to change for the better.
  11. JuggernautJ

    BHG will NEVER....

    I am curious as to what you might think Big Huge Games will never do by way of improving or changing the game. I am not intending this to be a complaint thread but rather wondering what alterations (requested or not) we'll never see implemented. I don't think we'll ever see an increase in the...
  12. JuggernautJ

    Update the TT according to the age you are at.

    I currently use level 9 TTs and still have some in my inventory that are level2 (Two!) with virtually no way to get rid of them. My suggestion from elsewhere was to create some way to allow us to "combine" TTs (ala Councilors) to make them more useful as we advance Through The Ages. If that's...
  13. JuggernautJ

    Dock level 14

    On a tangential note, there really (really, really) needs to be some way to delete obsolete TTs from the Stronghold. I have literally thousands of useless troops stored there... and I've only been playing a year and a half... I can't imagine what the SHs of people who've been playing 5+ years...
  14. JuggernautJ

    Automation Age is on the way

    As far as "newbies" catching up... I've been astonished at how quickly I've risen in level. I started about a year and a half ago and am currently Cold War Age/257th level. I will probably be Space Age/260th by the end of this week. Yes, I've spent some money (way more than I would like) but...
  15. JuggernautJ

    Make it possible for the museum to automatically sell mysterious Fragments to Blueprints

    I did not mean to imply it was a (total) solution... Just that there is now an avenue to do what was requested. That feature seems relatively new to me so I wonder if it was a QoL improvement slipped in since this thread was originated (July 29th).
  16. JuggernautJ

    Make it possible for the museum to automatically sell mysterious Fragments to Blueprints

    You can buy Blueprints for Fragments in the VIP Store. The going rate (today) is 150 fragments for 35 blueprints and you can make the purchase 5 times. It is VIP Level one so available to all. Granted, it is not every day (that'd be nice) but it does happen occasionally (and randomly).
  17. JuggernautJ

    Three Museum Suggestions

    To me the first two are far more important. The ability to group artifacts (and councilors!) together (and switch them for a different grouping) would really help make the museum (and council) much, much easier to navigate. Locking artifacts (and councilors!) so that they couldn't be sold might...
  18. JuggernautJ

    Summer for the Ages 2023 Makes Waves!

    I guess it is a rush "for the Ages" as only the time it takes to go up an Age is rushed.
  19. JuggernautJ

    Season 4: Flourishing Frontlines - Week Ahead 6/26

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I believe BHG said this is the one change from the previous season that will become permanent.
  20. JuggernautJ

    Burj Al Arab still doesn´t work

    Good Lord... Why would anyone want to do all that just for the game to work correctly????? You can drive a car with a broomstick while sitting on the roof, too (just ask Mr. bean) but why would you want to?????