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  1. Lumberjake

    Gunpowder Base. rarely get attacked

    Yeah ive gotta try really hard to read through threads and see your sorry arse always spewing shat from your mouth. Its rather easy actually.
  2. Lumberjake

    Gunpowder Base. rarely get attacked

    lol dbuk the lame strikes again.What a sad lil pup, you only try to put people down
  3. Lumberjake

    maxed out walls!!!!!

    Wow you must have rushed your base too much.
  4. Lumberjake

    Are we Still Supporting Nexon and Big Huge Games?

    This post was extremely painful to read and there is no doubt in my mind that I feel significantly dumber for having read what you said in its entirety. Yes, Im looking at you Saber.
  5. Lumberjake

    Industrial age Companions

    dbuk the type of kid to rain on everyone's parade.
  6. Lumberjake

    Industrial age Companions

    Haha Im sure a lot of people would be upset if they unknowingly picked a country and later had to change because they didnt exist in a certain age.
  7. Lumberjake

    Enlightenment is highest age?!

    An impromptu hater parade and dick measuring battle, all in one thread...Nice job children!
  8. Lumberjake

    Industrial age Companions

    Im pretty sure Rome didnt exist past enlightenment...Im sure they will do what they do for every non-unique troop type, give them the same generalized troop unit.
  9. Lumberjake

    Server maintenance was supposed to end 15 mins ago

    This has been going on for almost 4 hours.
  10. Lumberjake

    Best troops combination (Medieval upwards)

    ^ I used to use the same strategy, too many deaths. 12 Knights and 5 archers = multiple attacks without losing any troops.
  11. Lumberjake

    Wonder opinion

    I always fancied the Colosseum but now with the new update allowing you to change wonders, I would have probably gone notre dame and then switched to the colosseum after I researched everything.
  12. Lumberjake

    Changing wonders

    Yeah that is the most pointless thread to spam in other threads. Of course we are supporting them, most of us pay money.
  13. Lumberjake

    What was in the update?

    Yeah dura, they came out with a new update, fixed some things.
  14. Lumberjake

    Saving up ruins

    Like others have said, I keep them for cosmetics...I have them lining the water way. In no way is it cheating and I find it funny how you came to that conclusion.
  15. Lumberjake

    Best troops

    The scaling on archer damage to tower health grows larger and larger each upgrade. The farther you progress in the game, the less effective they will be at taking out defenses, to an astonishing degree.
  16. Lumberjake

    Best troops

    @res, I like your analysis and ranking...only thing I would change is put chinese at top and move everyone down by 1. OP, I wouldnt pick Chinese if you like games that seem to be too easy or that you are too overpowered.
  17. Lumberjake

    Best troops

    Chinese are by far the best unique units, you should totally pick them as quickly as you can. Master race!
  18. Lumberjake

    Calling all farming alliances!

    Are there any alliances around that dont care about meaningless medals and are instead solely invested in farming/donating? If so Id like to join.
  19. Lumberjake

    fastest way to decrease the medals ??

    make an army full of basic soldiers. Deploy one, surrender. rinse and repeat.