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    Why BHG?

    Folks have been making the same grievances since at least 2017. Remember the matrix hack? 7 years later it seems the game is still in a bad state. History shows BHG and Nexon are not going to change, you may as well accept that or quit the game. I quit back in information age 2 years ago and...
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    Restart Game with subscription

    Excellent suggestion! Such an approach would draw me back to the game without question. Bump!
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    Is the game server really hacked?

    People keep asking for evidence for the various exploits in this game. I posted evidence several months back. It was swiftly taken down by the moderators. Many others here have had similar experiences. This game was built on insecure foundations. Those that have played since its release will...
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    Clash of Clans

    Being able to spectate attacks (including war) in real time is a big bonus as well. Domi replays are more an estimate of the attack, and more often than not, they’re not a great representation of what actually happened
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    Event pass pricing and rewards

    The latter isn’t really an option with the player numbers; probably not enough to pay the skeleton crew salaries. BHG will really have to pull some magic out of the hat to turn things around, which I sincerely hope they do. Perhaps shorter upgrade times, lower prices as you’ve suggested and...
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    Event pass pricing and rewards

    It’s probably an indication of the number of active playing spenders. CoC has a lot more players, so SuperCell can rake in all the micro transactions. Domi doesn’t have that luxury, and with players dropping like flies, BHG have to hike the prices and milk every last possible cent out of the game
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    When 1 player's voice has the ear of the CEO of BHG

    Succinctly put and agree 100%
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    When everyone leaves this broken game..

    The difference being that in 2016 - 2018 it wasn’t obvious that BHG were turning a blind eye, whereas now it’s quite apparent they have a flagrant disregard for it, especially when dealing with the high rollers.
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    Event pass pricing and rewards

    I guess BHG and Nexon are squeezing every last drop out of the game while they can
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    Clash of Clans

    We can talk about anything we like within reason. Was a lovely day today, think I’ll go and make a coffee.
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    Actions Against Game Exploits

    They don’t necessarily have to give out account information. Perhaps something similar to what happened back in 2018 with the matrix glitch. They penalised the players and tagged them with “Leader” or “No Hope”. This may not bother some, but the potential humiliation might stem some of the...
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    Actions Against Game Exploits

    I don’t buy it. The evidence of complacency stacks up over a number of years now. We’ve seen these kinds of posts before, and now look at the mess you’re in. This is just another feeble attempt at quelling the masses. This isn’t an adequate response. Legitimate players deserve more than this...
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    When everyone leaves this broken game..

    Boring for you maybe
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    Clash of Clans

    Adding to this, SuperCells pricing model isn’t as brain dead as Nexons. The game is way more sensible and refined compared to DomiNations. It’s way less glitchy as well. I switched to CoC after experiencing the drudgery otherwise known as Drone Age (aptly called). I don’t work for SuperCell...
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    Ares mocking everyone!

    Still nothing from BHG? How surprising!
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    Ares mocking everyone!

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    Alleged "Ares bot"

    This is just nonsense @bred2bbroken There’s a personal tension between enjoying the game, and BHG screwing players over repeatedly. For this reason alone, it seems reasonable @BaseyMcBaseface has a personal stake in the issue of cheating irrespective of whether he’s active or not. You’ve no idea...
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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    “listening to player feedback…” - what!? Which players have been asking for the final nail in the dominations coffin? You need to pivot on this plan BHG. Bad bad bad idea
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    State of the game

    How’s the game since the Done Age release? Are player numbers still strong? Curious as I’m tempted to reinstall the game after a 2 month absence, but at the same time apprehensive
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    What new does drone age bring to the game?

    You got that right. Nothing new, same old boring content. Not worth the time or battery drain