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    An option for “Mutiny” or unanimous vote among council members and higher, to overthrow/replace a poor performing leader

    I do agree with many others that alliances shouldn't be stolen. Perhaps an option to turn it on/off. Although, nothing stops this from happening voluntarily right now. I can simply type a challenge into my alliance. Making this a formal part of the game is quite a stretch. I'm worried for a...
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    Auto revenge feature

    I would love this opportunity. Personally, I enjoy getting my revenge on against folks that like to snipe oil refineries. On the practical side, those folks that snipe will also trophy drop, which then puts them into the lower rankings and out of my normal attack reach. I find large oil...
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    Are unique units change to default units from the Command Post Building?

    I have level 14 Command Post. Android.
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    Are unique units change to default units from the Command Post Building?

    This has also occurred to me. Unique units have been switched to regular riflemen at the Command post and houses.
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    See war stats

    Enemies would only be able to see stats from buildings that can be spied. New members joining the enemy can see that as well, and it doesn't matter if they are in the war or not. I assumed that the reason ally stats have been hidden so long is because BHG was mitigating the risk of spies. My...
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    You could look at increasing the qty of infantry per wave and slow the spawn rate. ambush troops are 9 infantry, whereas garrisons send out only 4 infantry per wave. This could be tweaked.
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    See war stats

    we should be cautious of subterfuge from new members joining from opposing clans to see ally war stats, therefore only Councillors or better should be able view ally stats. A new leader in the Univ could unlock spying of Council or Manufactury. Group/combine the stats from all buildings that...
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    Petition to add council upgrade in space age

    I would like to see an extra councillor slot as well as milestone rewards. I'm not sure why you would say it's not needed @Seek. It's challenging to fill more than one committee.
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    Munitions for troops on defense

    Thank you for the clarification, and for your team's investigation.
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    Munitions for troops on defense

    Yes, I am seeking an answer about the BDAR only, for defensive troops. @Harlems369th As King Crimson mentions, does 'Heal while stationary' require a healing source? (e.g. Angkor Wat) Are there any other constraints? (Aside from troop level)
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    Munitions for troops on defense

    @Harlems369th , can you please confirm if defensive troops, such as tanks, will receive healing from the BDAR. With or without the Angkor. If there are other constraints, then please advise. I have sufficient troop level to attach the BDAR, and my tank depots are high enough level. This...
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    Munitions for troops on defense

    I can see the BDAR healing work on defensive buildings. Why should it be any different for troops? Why would I need Angkor? The BDAR states +1% heal while stationary. It doesnt describe it the same way as the Drone Amplification, which is augmenting other healing sources. As I can see it...
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    Munitions for troops on defense

    Thanks for the clarification. However, I can now assure you that the healing from BDAR is not working for tanks on defense. The minimum for BDAR is mk5 tanks. I have four level 17 tank buildings which produce mk6 tanks. Coupled with forest defenders, I have plenty of tanks to observe. I've...
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    Munitions for troops on defense

    Do munitions attached to troops apply to defenders as well? I was under the impression that this was the case, however, I attached a level 1 BDAR to my tanks, and they dont seem to heal. I'm aware that this should only apply when they are stationary.
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    hello, fellow newcomers! let's chat about building

    Minor point, farms and caravans will increase from 2 to 4 citizens at level 15.
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    The best selection of generals

    Napolean is decent in early game, as he has the longer range. In most General vs. General fights, it's all about who gets the first shots in. For end game, you should ditch Napolean for one of the other suggestions listed above.
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    Dominations - Naval Warfare - Schematic, sorry for broken English

    I like your ideas. May i also suggest this could be an opportunity for a clan map for farming/warring.
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    Council committee change request

    I request that Committees are rotated/switched every season. There are plenty of new Councillors to choose from. It will increase the player interaction with the Council. This will also keep the game fresh, as it will apply new buffs/nerfs differently each season. This is already being done by...