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    Caltrops buff

    I think once it is triggered, it will last until the current battle is over. Any units walks on top of it will be slowed. After the battle, it needs to be redeployed to be effective again.
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    Defeating the Ballista Tower

    Swarm it with your melee infantry or use sabotage tactics.
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    R.I.P. Gaming Spirit

    Be calm. Why are you so angry and aggressive. You said people have different tastes as well. So maybe people just find a different selling point or different kind of fun in this game. To me, cursing or judging others just because they are different from yourself is definitely not a part of...
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    Heavy cavalry nerfed. Good or bad?

    It's nerfed because it's overpowered. That doesn't mean it is “weak”. As mackoy1018 said, heavy cavalry is still competitive and Greek still has stronger cavalry than most of the nations. Every unit should have it's unique role. Before this update, heavy cavalry are tanks+DPS vs...
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    Any improvements to my base should I do?

    Agree with Link5549. Besides that, your walls level is too low to hold any enemy. Before you spend gold on upgrading defensive building, try to upgrade walls to level 5. Otherwise your defensive building will be destroyed before they can actually do anything.
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    Is the Defensive-Farming Strategy viable?

    Well, now you have longer peace treaty and heavy cavalry are weaker, so I think passive player now will have a slightly better experience.
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    R.I.P. Gaming Spirit

    Whats the point of playing this game if you are lacking the interest in history? -- For fun, I guess?
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    Is the Defensive-Farming Strategy viable?

    Be patient. Start from cheap ones like traps and walls (if it is still less than 30k each for Med age player like you). Thins like towers are only 400k, which is not that hard. The defensive effect will slowly accumulate. Some tips for defense if you happen not to know them all: 1. split your...
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    Walls are expensive decoration.

    Walls are expensive, but definitely not decorations. High level walls can hold enemy's troop for longer time, which buys time for garrisons and stables and eventually even longer time for your defense tower. Small cells are very good. Your goal is not to protect all your mills/markets. Instead...
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    The Gold vs. Food Imbalance

    It is a very typical design in this kind of games. Actually it is not as bad as you think. Food is cheap because you need to spam food in consumable productions like army and tatics. If you find you have too much food, then use tatics and generals more often or build better army. Also, you can...
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    Generals are too weak

    There probably will be more on Generals, but now, they are just one more extra leverage you can use in both attack and defense. Food is usually cheap once you finish a few crutial unit upgrade, so if you are not lack of food, you should put them in active, unless you are planning to use them...
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    Generals are too weak

    In low level, most of them are mainly tanks except Napoleon.
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    Best troops

    That only works given time is unlimited. It takes tons of time for archers to take down a tower, then the next one, then another layer of wall, then the ones beyond that wall and so on. In the best situation, you get one or two mills/markets. Archers are only good for counter infantry defenders.
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    Pictures of full/empty farms?

    The apples in mills and coins in markets will pile up if they are full.
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    Base In The Corner Of The Map?

    No, even you put them in corner, people still can deploy them troops on the side. It only reduces the space they can deploy on.
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    Pictures of full/empty farms?

    But mills and markets have different pictures when full/empty. Why not check them first. You will get a rough idea.
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    Donation reset

    I think resetting makes it easier for you to monitor your clan members. You can check it before every resetting time point.
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    Loosing all Troops on Victory?

    You need to destroy all defense building to get you survived troops back, not winning
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    What's the real benefit of an alliance?

    The alliance troops is based on donations among players, so usually alliance require some activeness. You can't donate any troops when you are not even active. In terms of medals, most of them just want to make sure their members at least have some experience and knowledge in this game. Only a...
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    What's the real benefit of an alliance?

    Alliance troops are very useful. If you are in low age (such as classical) and some late game player gives you several top-level units, those units are SUPER strong against other low age players. If you are in higher level, why turning down 9 or 12 extra units. Besides troops, there isn't...