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  1. BV123

    “The Road to Better World War Matchmaking” aka Sandbagging!

    Classy move Phil-Elite. It's people like you that is what is wrong with the forums now a days. HZ let you in out of kindness and you repay by trolling and bitching about us. Your presence/absence have no impact on us. Honestly....I didn't notice when you came in or when you left. Did you...
  2. BV123

    Defending against the cavalry from forest

    If you are still using footies, quick drop them 1st. They make quick work of forest defenders. If you don't use footies, drop your horses 1st then your shooters. The defenders will attack your horses 1st. Your shooters will join in together too. That should give you a more favourable outcome...
  3. BV123

    How to spot a spy in your alliance ?

    ^ Shameless Advertising Opps...Just kidding. Don't ban my account. Hehehe 😂😂😂
  4. BV123

    Haiku for You!

    1 star, 2 star, 3 star....Bang! A guy playing Pokemon Go knock into me God damn you! Ps: True story
  5. BV123

    Haiku for You!

    1 step, 2 step, 3 step....BOOM! I found your landmine God damn you!
  6. BV123

    Lets talk HeavyTank Troop Composition and Tactics!

    I'm a Global German. About to get my MK3. I only bring 1 HT to protect my howies' rear. Hated HTs when I 1st tried them out. They are god damn slow and dont go for defences. But I find that they have their purposes. I loose much lesser canons when I bring a HT. (This was back when I was IA.)...
  7. BV123

    Industrial Age Upgrade Priority?

    Flash said it all. Nothing more for me to add. =)
  8. BV123

    Revolution - British, German or any other nation

    Good for you. I went against the grain back then too when everyone said to choose the French. French is awesome in quick raids. But I'm a war guy. I went with the Germans too. It is more my style.
  9. BV123

    Revolution - British, German or any other nation

    It depends...... There are ways to counter the shooter battalion at the later ages. I have done it numerous times. There are a few cleverer ones that get what they hit me for, but most times I have been successful. But if you are talking EA and below, yes... they are king of looting. Especially...
  10. BV123

    Revolution - British, German or any other nation

    German fury works on PLANES, MERCS, DONATED TROOPS, GENS and EVENT TROOPS. Every single troop that you send to the battlefield.
  11. BV123

    Revolution - British, German or any other nation

    Germans don't do much for players at the lower Ages. They are a War machine nation. Great for higher Ages that war all the time.
  12. BV123

    Slowly losing medals would,like some strategy advice please

    From the start till now, I have never been bothered by medal. Some may chase medals. I respect that but IMHO.... they are a serious waste of time. My advise if you are dead set on climbing the medals. Simple..... Max out your defence and attack. And don't move to the next age. When you are maxed...
  13. BV123

    Lack of assault infantry in attacks...

    Although I very rarely use my awesome german footies now, back in EA I still heavily depend on them to clear the base quickly. Worked very well with my HC and a few odd shooters. They were the work horse of my army. Now, I only use them when I get too high and I want to drop medals. Back in IA...
  14. BV123

    EA - when to advance?

    My rule of thumb. Advance when you : -Max the troop upgrades that you use -Max the factory/airstrip -Reach @75% max defence upgrades The uni is nice... but compared to the new toys you will be getting, that is just a side dish. The 1st 2 weeks will always be hard no matter which age you are...
  15. BV123


    Forgot to wish you guys good luck in our rematch fussy. =) Have you been feeding your guys steroids?!? They look much more badass than the last time we meet =)
  16. BV123

    Singapore SpOps are recruiting!

    A bump up for my fellow country mates. Good luck guys =)
  17. BV123

    Hobbit Zombies!!! You know you wanna join!

    Don't make me throw a cowpie at you Brand Marrow hahahaha
  18. BV123

    notre dame

    I have on many occasions wanted to swap my ND out. But I would think twice whenever I have to consider upgrading my gens, planes, HTs or the many oil techs in the library.
  19. BV123

    Troops for defence in WW

    I get that Gats have their purpose as a troop defence in wars. They slow the attackers down an great against footies and horsies. They also can disguise themselves as other footies or rifles coming out of the TC. But considering the long run, gats are not worth the time and rss upgrading just...