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    Increasing road bonus hit points of Main Square

    Sorry, I was a little wrong. Improving the roads does increase the road bonus of the Main Square, maybe not as significantly as we would like, but still. Сan say the issue is closed.
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    Is it time for auto age players to have a second oil refinery?

    I agree with all the previous “speakers”. Introducing a new type of energy resource for Higher Ages would be a very interesting idea! But! Only after all the long-standing requests of the players in the game are implemented, and issues and bugs are fixed. Enough with the innovations - it's...
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    Troop Tactic delete button

    I didn't call you stupid, you're wrong. And I am not at all mad with anyone, and you should also be calmer in your reaction.
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    Troop Tactic delete button

    Believe me, this is actually a stupid button. And there will definitely be someone who will click on it by accident, and then be indignant that lost troops. Is it so difficult for you to simply release troops you don’t need into battle and end the battle? Here's the whole deletion function -...
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    Troop Tactic delete button

    If only because BHG doesn't even do more simpler things, but at the same time more useful. But you can just hope. 🤷‍♂️ P.S. Here is another example of the inconvenience of using troops in the game. And there, too, troops, tactics, mercenaries, and coalition troops are hoarded and not used.
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    Minor Tweak to Loadouts - Auto load loadout on login and logout

    Train your memory! This is not only for the game, but also good for your health in general.
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    See war stats

    Have you ever paid attention to the message “Sending results to the server”? It would be worth it. This just means that all results are stored on servers and then downloaded back at the request of the player for playback. What's the point of storing this on the player's device?
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    DomiNations Update 12.4 - Custom World Wars

    To be honest, it's not impressive. But at least it’s clear what you’ve been doing all this time - “Custom World Wars”. Info Age players will be especially “delighted” that again they don’t have anything particularly new. But in general, well done guys, don’t sit idle 👍 P.S. I apologize for...
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    Airplanes sounds

    I thought about writing my own similar topic, but it turns out that this has already been discussed. As usual, long-standing requests from players. I fully support it! Please make realistic sound for jet planes. It looks very ridiculous when a jet plane flies, and the sound is like that of a...
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    Season 7 - Swift & Stalwart

    BHG, Thank you again, now for “Event: Boost Crowns Campaign”! Chic! 👍💪😁 Organize campaigns like this more often :) P.S. I hope all these advisors will still be more useful if... ;) P.P.S. And only now I saw it. "Special Event: Year 8 Farewell". Fabulous! You have been very generous with awards...
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    See war stats

    Please then create a separate forum thread for a poll - the statistics in the game that players want to see. This topic has already been raised. Statistics on troops, Aliances, Wars, benefits received from the Concil, Museum, Library, University, Manufactory, etc., etc., etc. There are clearly...
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    Manufacturing Slots

    Firstly, when assessing the speed of development of the game, you should not focus on those who improve and develop with the help of donates for real money - no development can keep up with them, this is already clear. For example, I experience the opposite effect - the development time is too...
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    Manufacturing Slots

    It would be fair to open the 3rd Manufactory slot in the Drone Age, and the 4th slot in the Auto Age, but at the same time, the Auto Age must necessarily get something that is really not available in any other Ages. This will be the compromise solution. It is logical to assume that if this is...
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    Manufacturing Slots

    We are talking about the loyalty of old players, if I understand correctly. But doesn’t BHG care about replenishing the army of loyal players with new players? By the way, they are also potential payers for real money. When I started playing (beginning of January 2023), the game rating on Google...
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    stronghold donated troop tactic change

    Use the enemy's strength against himself, who is stopping you? Tactic "Betrayal". When fielding troops of a much higher level than yours, always think about the fact that they may be directed against you. This is always a “double-edged sword”. To learn to win, you always need to play with a...
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    Option to sort troop tray on mobile devices

    But in the end it all comes down to the fact that the man still has to get up and go mow the damn lawn ;) :LOL:
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    Manufacturing Slots

    It was irony... well, okay, apparently too subtle. Just look at that forum thread.
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    QOL suggestion - claim all button

    "... everyone gets what they want either by spending money or simply being active in game, which is a good indication for the future of the game." 👍
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    Reducing factor for construction and research times depending on the level of development and Age

    Means that after all, everything that I tried to explain here did not reach you (although you said that everything was clear). And so let's call it "opaque elements that treat players in a special way". Sadly. :unsure: As @King Crimson very accurately noted earlier, this mechanism, among other...
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    Option to sort troop tray on mobile devices

    In general, I win because my city (base) is developing intensively - this is the main gain in the game for me. I'm not interested in World Wars, so what now? I like PvP. I am not a supporter of “group brawls” and generally not a supporter of “huddle in heaps” (alliance) - I am more interested in...