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  1. GeeGee

    DomiNations Update 12.4 - Custom World Wars

    Hi @Harlems369th I installed the be new update yesterday but I cannot see the new ‘Shopfront’. Is this going live later in April?
  2. GeeGee

    Manufactory Playtest Sign Ups!

    No news on beta testing suggests bad news @TheWise 😢 Also…why is the Auto Age so damn difficult to adjust to? Nothing other than defensive buildings seem to offer any oomph!
  3. GeeGee

    Manufactory Playtest Sign Ups!

    Hey @TheWise can you please confirm whether the beta testing group for The Manufactury has been selected?
  4. GeeGee

    Manufactory Playtest Sign Ups!

    Hi, I’ve submitted a form and hope to take part in more beta testing. It’ll be great to get under the hood of something brand new in the game🤓
  5. GeeGee

    DomiNations: The Road Ahead Fall Edition

    Please explain how these new Museum Artifacts will work. In beta testing they were temporary, leading to the thought they would be pay2play items. Is this the case? If so, a terrible addition, particularly as the Drum now boosts the Mortars which are (sadly) OP enough already!
  6. GeeGee

    Coming Soon - Temporary Artifacts

    I completely agree with @Horsepower on this. Having tested a beta version of these things I was like - no big deal, even if pay2play I won’t bother. But you’ve switched things up in terms of buffs and STILL haven’t explained how these stupid artifacts will be available! The crazy thing is...
  7. GeeGee

    Optimized Video Rewards

    For most of this week some of my Alliance and I have been unable to access the Daily and Marco vids for rewards! Is there an iOS issue with the optimised rewards?
  8. GeeGee

    501server exception

    Ok, so after the latest hotfixes I tried to log into the game this evening only to find the old ‘501 server exception’ message. Anyone else having this issue? The really wierd ‘thing’ about this is O can log into the game on my other account. It suggests to me that the server my main account...
  9. GeeGee

    DomiNations: The Road Ahead

    Some great ideas already posted and I guess mine are a sort of spin on some. Wars: We really need the 25v group to be returned, either at the expense of the 30v group, or in addition. Also, why can’t we run multiple wars to ensure everyone gets to enjoy them. Museum: Museum grinding is...
  10. GeeGee

    Coming Soon - Temporary Artifacts

    Spot-on! The 85% rule should have been removed ages ago, but definitely now these ridiculous temporary artifacts are to be added. I can only presume that two thirds of buffs/nerfs will effectively be hidden once these new temporary artifacts are added to the ‘unhidden’ Museum one. If a player...
  11. GeeGee

    Season 3 - Evolution of History

    Just for the Season.
  12. GeeGee

    Season 3 - Evolution of History

    ‘Evolution of History’ is a ridiculous title. History is clearly done, it cannot “evolve”.
  13. GeeGee

    Improvements Coming to Event Rewards: Quality Over Quantity!

    Well I’m sorry, but the changes you’ve made do not offer better quality, or value for money. Throwing a couple more of the age old TTs into the Event tracks and placing all your so called ‘value’ in a few more chests with marginally increased (but basically still zero) odds adds nothing. Add to...
  14. GeeGee

    June Legendary Token Calendar

    I couldn’t agree more! These offers are by and large useless to players who have put the years into this game as they more than like have multiple copies from Events, or they don’t fit with end Age game meta. As I’ve said before load every Legendary there is, say for a month, and see how many...
  15. GeeGee

    Memorial Day - Week Ahead 5/22

    For me, the constantly revolving buffs and nerfs to troops/vehicles and the QV timer were just too much. As are these back-to-back Events, although I do quite like having more free things. If I had to pick my ‘favourite things’ I guess I would go with APCs and those hilariously fast Impis...
  16. GeeGee

    Shorter Quick Victory time helps the game

    I think 15 seconds is a just a little too much, 10 seconds I think we could all just about live with. Attacking really big 3D Drone Age bases was really hard and is even harder now. I understand that 5 star victories should be tough and they were before the QV time was reduced.
  17. GeeGee

    April Legendary Token Calendar

    When are we going to see the Huey Armament Legendary for ‘sale’. Also, why don’t you consider setting up some sort of ‘shop’ for people to access the Legendaries, Troop Tactics etc that they are specifically interested in @Harlems369th ?
  18. GeeGee

    Can’t enter past loading screen BombersHorda VIP 13

    Same loading issue for me too on both my accounts. Both accounts on iOS devices. The game tries to load and then shuts down completely, returning me to my Home Screen!
  19. GeeGee

    DomiNations Technical Test: Sign Ups Closed (Android build up)

    Gutted that iOS users can’t attend the beta testing camp😩
  20. GeeGee

    DomiNations - Drone Command first look sign-ups

    Hi Team Forum name: GeeGee In-game name: GeeGee Which device do you play on: iPad / iPhone