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  1. Link to videos not working

    So BHG Lots of fanfare fot the 9th anniversary release But 4 months later and still no resolve on the video link fault Wonder what the " legal eagles" would say about consumer rights and fail to meet standards Its beyond a joke now
  2. Link to videos not working

    2 months on and still no fix for this issue Disgusting service BHG If you where a government, we would of voted you out. Please, please, please, put some focus and knowhow into getting the video links working for all your loyal and paying customers Thankyou
  3. DomiNations Update 12.2 - Museum Loadouts

    Video issue is not fixed ,, thats the truth... Select any video rewards tab, you get this on screen message then game crashes, Very poor
  4. Link to videos not working

    Yep the same bro, disgusting, no costomer service at all, shove it in the " too hard box" , and hope we go away. Sick n tired of going round n round in circles with all of BHG,s generic and vanilla responses, YOU BROKE IT, YOU FIX IT simple
  5. Link to videos not working

    Take another look team, actually do more than look, try fixing this nightmare. Its a 3rd world remedy for a 1st world promise,
  6. Link to videos not working

    Im hearing you bro, this is just so unaceptable
  7. Link to videos not working

    New update, but issue remains ( even thought upgrade states, fixed video link issues , (LIARS) And an email tells me my support request has been closed wtf Sorry BHG, but this is a very poor result on your behalf
  8. Link to videos not working

    Thanks H369rh, some resolve would be appreciated As you can understand, very frustrating not having those lil extras from the game Cheers
  9. Link to videos not working

    YES correct, we are losing progress, and yes correct nothing happens when selecting Ad settings tab, same result as video link tabs It is as though BHG can not fix this problem, and have forgotten about its loyal customers Some resolution is required
  10. Link to videos not working

    Yeah what ever KC Ill let them know you dont want any Dont ask you dont get
  11. Link to videos not working

    Thankyou H369 Appreciate the feedback/ heads up Would be nice to get a payback on all the crowns, tokens, troops, artifacts, speedups etc, we have been missing out on since the last upgrade. Getting so far left behind now. Hoping there is a quick resolution for this issue Cheers Respect and Regards
  12. Link to videos not working

    Which Is your device ? Mine is Samsung A52
  13. Link to videos not working

    Giday All Since the last game update( where the snow etc was removed), ive not been able to access any of the video links for tokens, retrain troops, marco trades etc etc I done the usual uninstall reinstall, ckear cache etc etc Im using Android Samsung Galaxy A52 Issue only happended since last...