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  1. Theoneandonly

    Add democratic or parliamentary procedures into the game

    Use Social media for this, it’s easy. Don’t waste developers capacity for such crap.
  2. Theoneandonly

    Vault stats/max help please

    i make 100k oil with one attack, better work on looting artifacts
  3. Theoneandonly

    Changes at Digital Age - holy miss match Batman

    Do you really care about attacks in MP?
  4. Theoneandonly

    Advice related to age rush

    Well, first you need to be Cold War, and after that the question is: are you already level 220?
  5. Theoneandonly

    should mortars be nerfed?

    I am using them on an atomic account im MP and they are effective combined with fighters And with no museum boost. In war (with mongols and probably museum boosts) they are good as well due to the range of mortars and range siege. Its only a question of practice. Only landmines are an issue.
  6. Theoneandonly

    should mortars be nerfed?

    Mortars are not unbeatable. My D base is defending most wars against every attack style, it is possible.
  7. Theoneandonly

    should mortars be nerfed?

    Combined with Monboost, there is no slow fire rate. And even in MP, without coalition boost, they are doing well.
  8. Theoneandonly

    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    Goat = greatest of all time …
  9. Theoneandonly

    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    I want to give Kudos to your team at BHG, you are the goats of IT development! Pls send me details how to donate for your staff. Thx!
  10. Theoneandonly

    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    It fixed only that donations are never arriving, it haven’t fixed that the old donation bug is still there. For my accounts every second donation is disappearing. It is annoying. Not saying how unprofessional it is not to inform about that new update and wth haven’t they made it mandatory?
  11. Theoneandonly

    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    Same here, the BHG heroes did it again.
  12. Theoneandonly

    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    Tho, the Baltimore nerds at work. I asked several times for troops with one account, donated with another account - and not a single troop arrived. For me you want to generate a crown spending bug. How can a developer crash the logic of a game with an update? You should fire all of them, but...
  13. Theoneandonly

    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    Congrats BHG, after several days of destroying daily alliance speedups its weekend and nothing happened at all. Pls inform the community which bugs are planned for update 11.12.
  14. Theoneandonly

    DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates

    BHG team has again shown that they are the greatest to generate issues with an update. Destroying world wars (players have invested money for TT), generating new bugs, generating visual bugs. And the Oscar goes to Baltimore.
  15. Theoneandonly

    Update to Future Seasons

    Last TGIF meeting in Baltimore: hey guys i have an idea, lets change the seasonal event fron shit to bullshit. The players will be excited.
  16. Theoneandonly

    We’re Heavy Tanks Weakened during the last update??

    Heavy tanks are still powerful, i am using them combined with bombers at one of my accounts. Even drone age bases fall quickly with info age troops. Nvm, for some bases and especially for many base layouts they aren’t so helpful compared with other troops. But if attacking the same age (info for...
  17. Theoneandonly

    DomiNations Update v11.9

    THe bunkers feature is nice, waiting for years for it. Nobody can monitor 24/7 if an attack is incoming two minutes before war starts. Anyway, your actual season „modifications“ are the worst ever. Its simply annoying cause Its impossible to cover some of the changes appropriate. Stop that...
  18. Theoneandonly

    Coming Soon - Temporary Artifacts

    Ok, i overread the 90% discount, tho its an investment around 5K blueprints to max out an artifact. Assuming all lines are ueseful for my museum and all are starting at 5% it might be an improvment. It might, but in most times its not worth it i guess. If most of my artifacts are already between...
  19. Theoneandonly

    Coming Soon - Temporary Artifacts

    One of the worst „innovations“ ever. Think your ideas to the end. You are saying we are getting temporary artifacts, all lines already unlocked. Lines, not multipliers, that’s the detail. Why should anyone invest approx 44K of blueprints to max a temporary thing out. Especially if the lines are...
  20. Theoneandonly

    Season 3 - Week Ahead 5/29

    Myself, and I assume most of the players, dont understand the intention behind the gimmick to change mechanics every season. Especially if you are choosing troops which are not worth thinking about to use them. Unless I have 160% damage and 100% hitpoints from museum and council for other troops...