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  1. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    Memorial Day - Week Ahead 5/20

    Yes! Another chance to upgrade caravans! Thank you!!
  2. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    May Legendary Calendar

    The Thinker of Cernavoda is crazy for normal battles, I cannot wait to get it!
  3. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    February Legendary Calendar

    I'm all ears BGH. Surprise me!
  4. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    Dominations - Progression and Resource Update

    This is massive! I'm loving this update so much! Great things all around! I'm losing my mind over the Citizen requirement to 0 for Expeditions. Amazing! However, the time reduction for troop upgrades stops at atomic age units with just 10% less time? So... Cold war and up get the short end of...
  5. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    DomiNations Update 12.0 - Automation Age

    Does this Age comes with new wonders? Drone Age didn't so I thought this one would. When can we craft this new councilor? Oh, and... can we have another council slot?
  6. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    DomiNations 11.2.6 Hotfix

    I cannot connect to google play either.
  7. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    Riflemen spawning from houses

    I have some screenshots that show that riflemen from houses were tied to the lvl of the garrison building. The first one is from september 1st 2021, and it says Honored Rifleman. The next screenshot is from today and now it shows Rifleman. Something indeed changed.
  8. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    The new update added the option to delete account but...

    And it's so easy to screw yourself! If you double tap the "delete account" button you can kiss your account goodbye! Look how the "continue" overlaps with it... Man, I'm scared to even get near settings now.
  9. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    The new update added the option to delete account but...

    This is a great idea! Typing an answer will leave no room for accidents.
  10. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    The new update added the option to delete account but...

    It looks a little to easy to do it accidentally. Can it be a little more hidden or inside the Costumer Service option?
  11. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    Holly molly, these buffs are so goood! Attacking now is so much fun! Now all barrack units are really fun to use. I've been waiting for a meta shake up and this will definitely do it. Let's go! 🤙✨
  12. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    Time to Dust off those Barracks Troops...

    Looking forward for this update!
  13. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    March Livestream Recap

    Looking forward to the plane path fix and nation rebalances, thanks for the written recap!
  14. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    Bastion lvl6 Slow Down Effect 92%

    92%??? Nothing will go past that! I love to play defensive but... maybe things are getting out of hand a little bit? And with the GCI radar planes are in danger too so: No ground and air units allowed? I think we need to buff attack somehow. More ground units or more planes?
  15. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    Information Age v9.0 Update

    Oyoyoy! Everything looks great! Though I was hoping for a higher upgrade time % for the Burj Al Arab Wonder... with 9 houses is 9%. Can we get to 10 at least? or 15? Just bargaining here...
  16. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    Update Notes: v3.7.x is here!

    Hello Ironangel, I just wanted to report that after this update me and a lot of people from my Alliance, Thegamehuntah, are experiencing many problems during battle. For example, when I'm attacking the screen starts to flicker and after a moment the game crash mid-fight. This makes us feel...
  17. Ambassador_Monkisuma

    Heavy tank splash damage it's not working.

    I researched the 3rd chapter of Heavy Weaponry (The one that adds splash damage to Heavy Tank attacks) and then I tried on a battle and my heavy tanks didn't had it. I even tried them on the first solo campaign and nothing. Not even on a level one wall I got a splash damage. I'm not sure if...