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    Aceman’s Beginners Guide to Dominations - Get to Gunpowder Age in a breeze

    Second time I read about walls in CoC having become cheaper. This has never happened (with the exception of level 1 walls). What happened is that upgrading to the three most expensive wall levels (9 - 11) can now be done with both gold and elixer (food). Level 7 and 8 is where many players...
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    Aceman’s Beginners Guide to Dominations - Get to Gunpowder Age in a breeze

    I haven’t been here on the forum for a while. Have no access to a new ipad anymore, and Domi crashes too often on my mini iPad to make it worthwhile. So I parked my base for the time being. But I have been thinking a lot about this rushing to EA vs maxing base, which has become the main topic in...
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    Beginners guide to Dominations – from Stone Age to end of Medieval

    I put quite a bit of effort into writing a beginners guide, that I uploaded to the General section of the Forum a few weeks ago. But I noticed it’s already disappeared from the first 20 pages… So reposting a link here in the “New to Dominations” section, where it probably belonged all along...
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    Aceman’s Beginners Guide to Dominations - Get to Gunpowder Age in a breeze

    Will do - good point. But I am still Medieval - and this guide is aimed at beginners. 1200 medals I don't think I will enjoy yet. Did you rush to EA yourself? Would be good to read some experiences on that. And why don't you rush on to Industrial? You seem ready with you offense?
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    Aceman’s Beginners Guide to Dominations - Get to Gunpowder Age in a breeze

    I understand your comparison, but the 280k number is irrelevant in this context. It implies that someone who focuses on defense has not a single caravan. I have max defense, and minimally upgraded caravans (lvl 7). Still those caravans bring in 170k. So I get 100k from defense (your estimate)...
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    Library - Which tree path is ideal for end game

    Casual players won't really finish the library that easily, I think. I have been quite devoted the last 5 weeks, am now at the end of Medieval, and still quite a few library projects left. But surely when reaching the "end game" one will have finished them. I jotted down some thoughts on in what...
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    My Complete Medieval Layout

    Excellent design. Would certainly skip your base. Actually, I posted my own base layout yesterday here. That was also a very successful design. I hardly got attacked at all (only 2 times last week).
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    Aceman’s Beginners Guide to Dominations - Get to Gunpowder Age in a breeze

    I cannot really judge - maybe it is more efficient to rush. But with my current strategy, I never needed a training blessing. All defenses would be killed with minimal (max 3 knights) troop loss. That's the beauty of it - continued attacking.
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    Aceman’s Beginners Guide to Dominations - Get to Gunpowder Age in a breeze

    Eight lvl 7 caravans bring in around 170k per day. It hardly costs any citizen time to get them to 7. And caravans are exposed to raiding as well, so actual numbers will always be lower. The last week I got attacked only twice. Both were fails. It's been ages since I had a peace treaty. People...
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    Aceman’s Beginners Guide to Dominations - Get to Gunpowder Age in a breeze

    Or rather: how I got to GP in a breeze. Of course, there are many ways to play this game and I won’t claim I fully understand all the dynamics of the game yet. But I played COC very intensely for nearly two years, and the games obviously have a lot in common. Here’s a couple of points I adhered...
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    Customer support thumbsup

    "mature" people more important than children? "Mature" people have *real* issues? Her base was totally screwed up. What issue is more real than that? Pretty sad post.
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    Dominations without magical powers and temples

    Huh? Domi has the exact same magic from the sky, hasn't it? Just different names. Eg. sabotage tactic = freeze spell. General = Hero Food = Elixir Air plane = Dragon
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    Cooldown time for generals?

    There is one bug related to cool down, which I only noticed very recently: if you upgrade (in the blacksmith) an active general, it remains active and you can use it both in defense and offensive. And in that state, the general will never need to rest from hp loss. For a while I thought the cool...
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    Customer support thumbsup

    I have been reading quite a bit of complaining here about customer support. Just want to share my first contact with them, over the last few days. My daughter’s account got hacked, and the village looked really odd afterwards. Wonders got changed, structures were overlapping, some structures...
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    Where do these horsemen come from?

    Thanks guys. Makes sense. One more hour and my town hall is Classic. Ill build that library pronto.
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    Where do these horsemen come from?

    Sorry, this is a noob question, but I cannot find the answer when googling. Have been playing this game for a couple of days now. Attacking mainly Classical Age bases now, while I am Iron still myself. Shortly after initiating the attack in Classical, horsemen show up apparently from nowhere...
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    Should you even bother upgrading farms and caravans?

    If your objective is to progress as quickly as possible thru the ages, upgrading resource production is not very useful. I experienced the same in clash. I did not do my pumps and mines there until I was an almost maxed out TH10, and builders had not much else to do. Have only played Domi for...
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    The game still crashes constantly!

    Same here. Both for me and for my son the game crashes every half hour or so. Usually when loading PVP battle, during the battle, or when returning from battle. But can happen any time really. Ipad mini (iOS 7.2), and Ipad 2 (iOS 8.2). Game has a lot of potential. Really smart content. But if...