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  1. Rachel

    Delete Account features need to be removed or need more security and features or suspend account should be added instead of delete account.

    I just deleted 4 accounts it takes an act of congress and many emails back and forth so there is no chance of accidentally deleting your account
  2. Rachel

    The new update added the option to delete account but...

    BHG is definitely scaming Apple here's how I know. I just deleted 4 accounts you hit the delete button it takes you to customer service they make you jump through, hoops sending emails begging you not to go n the end you ccount is not deleted. Instead of saying something like account not found...
  3. Rachel

    Peace Treaty Duration Reduction

    Bring back the real peace treaties
  4. Rachel

    DomiNations v11.1 Update

    The biden administration must be running bhg
  5. Rachel

    Update on 9.12 and Attack Helicopters

    Not good enough
  6. Rachel

    2 X Crown offer SCAM

    God bless BHG for trying and coming up with offers like this but. Trust pilot is nothing but SCAM artists. Do not do the play this so and so game for crowns bhg cant help and trust pilot will not grant you the crowns IT IS A SCAM
  7. Rachel

    Allliance cannot view or start wars

    When will this issue be fixed
  8. Rachel

    Allliance cannot view or start wars

    Same issue 4 years and one pandemic later
  9. Rachel

    General Eisenhower and Zhukov Rebalance

    How about rebalancing commandos
  10. Rachel

    Legendary Token Calendar: August

    Great news. In about 2 years we might be able to get something
  11. Rachel

    Artifact survey sent to vip is inaccessible

    Same thing here
  12. Rachel

    Lo all - Any Global chat?

    Go traveling there are many many great active alliances such as raccoon daycare
  13. Rachel

    DomiNations V9.4 Instant Retrain Update

    Give us the option to sell this 24 hr blessing. Or donate it
  14. Rachel

    Calling on all Attackers please speak your mind!

    Dont stress they will cut the balls off of any thing that is worth a toot just so the whales can pound their chest
  15. Rachel

    Season Event 1: Armored Ambush

    Sounds to me like a new rebalance is being tested
  16. Rachel

    DomiNations v9.3 Player Experience Update

    Good news more more bugs just added
  17. Rachel

    Failed login. Try again 501 exception from server

    Each down grade they do is making the game a brick
  18. Rachel

    Next update

    What a joke it is
  19. Rachel

    The Art of War v9.1 Update

    That's BULL **** Nothing is wrong with the GCIs or bastions
  20. Rachel

    New Wonder.... Gorgeous!

    It still shocks me when I do a raid very nice