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    Royal match ad is becoming abuse

    I 100% agree with all of these. That ad is so annoying I’ll never download that game. It makes me annoyed with the game every day
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    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    Odin. Just curious. What age are you in now to think mortars are overpowered?
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    Barrack upgrade troop bonus

    Plus 3 total attack and plus 3 supply cart healing for upgrading all the barracks in drone age? Who comes up with this reasoning? The time and citizens required to do all three for that small of a bonus? Why does dominations hate on offense so much?
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    Drone age. What’s the point?

    So, no additional citizens or troop capacity. Just the same upgrades over and over again. And that revolutionary barrack troop upgrade you did a few months ago? Pointless. Attack Helis were fun for a minute but of course that was too much fun. NO ONE uses the barrack troops still in attacks and...
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    Welcome to the Drone Age

    I am also very disappointed and annoyed that they didn’t add citizens. It’s been years since they’ve given us more.
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    VIP Store Update

    Thank you!
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    Explanation of calculation formulas on defender production,aircraft damage reduction

    I too would like to know and have all of this explained. Are the formulas compound? Are they just simple additions or subtractions? How do parliament benefits affect the formulas?
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    DomiNations v9.7 Checks and Balances

    All the events from this weekend need to be extended. Because of the server issues the game wouldn’t let me have opponents to attack for two days. A lot of us got screwed because of this.
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    Server problems this weekend

    All the events need to be extended 2 days. Because of the server issues the game wouldn’t let me have any opponents to attack all weekend. This is a huge problem that punished a lot of us. You have to make this right.
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    Cannot log in

    Leviathan i also had a ticket/conversation open yesterday when this started like the above user. Is that why possibly?
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    Cannot log in

    How did you get this fixed?
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    Cannot log in

    I am having the same problem. Since yesterday afternoon! Please help!!! I have uninstalled and installed a ton. Updated phone software on iPhone. Nothing works
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    Incoming Fixes for 9.0

    I am having the same update loop. I try to log in and it says there’s an update in the App Store. I touch it and it takes me to the App Store page to open. Over and over and over.
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    Twitter and Facebook updates

    Seems like the updates on these sites for upcoming events are sporadic at best. They used to be more current. Why the change?
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    Plane paths explained

    Very good info!
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    TheWise this has to be addressed.@Tin soldier
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    Call to Arms v8.5 Update

    What is the leadership reward this mentions specifically?
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    New coalition stat listing incorrect

    Say the invading planes get a positive boost instead of a negative boost on the info page.
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    Are the new armored car stats correct?

    Does the latest upgraded armored car just get a damage boost but no Hp boost? Just making sure this isn’t a glitch.