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    If you were going to spend money on 1 thing in DomiNations what would it be?

    Two things: early houses and the estate, and legendary artifacts that reduce university research time.
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    No instant upgrade for storehouse?

    @Harlems369th @BigHugeGames The library has been available for instant upgrade multiple times already, with two more coming up. Yet the storehouse wasn't available for instant upgrade at all! Is it please possible to switch one of the library upgrade slots for the storehouse at least once? It's...
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    Negligence with respect to university speed up

    The issue of the university speedup has cleared up for me in the last 2 days.
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    Search for people has everything you need to search for any player. Just search for a name, and then you can customize your search to a specific age, level, or nation.
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    9th Anniversary Instant upgrades

    I believe "on rotation" just means they won't all be available at once, but one at a time. I don't think there'll be a second round. Plan accordingly.
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    Robotics Age CANCELED

    Gotcha! Happy April Fools!
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    DomiNations Update 12.4 - Custom World Wars

    @Harlems369th can you please give any basic sort of timeline (weeks, months, etc.) for when we can see a fix for the disappearing alliance speedup requests? Thanks!
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    Well, you can't just "delete" the garrisons and depots once you get to the higher ages...
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    For me in the Global Age, I have the Acropolis-boosted garrisons deploy wave after wave of infantry close to where most attackers deploy their army. They slow down the enemy (especially the heavy tanks) by a lot.
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    Or even better: make them searchable!
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    The Road Ahead: Spring Edition

    @Harlems369th will this update include fixes for the disappearing alliance speedups?
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    Prevent Medal Droppers

    I am one of those medal droppers. I try to stay below 400 medals, and in doing so I get many easy higher-age bases to loot, with a huge Domination bonus. I try to at least deploy my troop far from any potential traps, and if I see that a certain base keeps popping up, I skip it.
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    The best selection of generals

    So what's my 3rd general besides Hannibal and Churchill?
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    The best selection of generals

    And which generals are good pre-space age, besides for Hannibal?
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    Fortin troops

    Yes, especially if you have hundreds of troop tactics, they should at least be searchable.
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    Bug - recorded results in war log do not match actual war hit

    As you can clearly see at 3:47 in the video, only the first star is yellow, but at 3:48 only the last star is yellow. This is clearly just a visual bug. I've also come across this bug many times in my wars, however, the system still knows the true amount of stars.
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    Optimized Video Rewards

    As I've said before, a huge thank you to the devs for making any and all ads OPTIONAL, and for not bombarding us with ads every 2 minutes. This is one of the main reasons I'm staying with this game.
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    What can we help you with?
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    my ideas (blowing steam)

    Wow! That's a lotta steam!! But seriously, I think we should let the devs do what they're doing currently: QoL. That's the most important right now.
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    Naval warfare

    They brought it up in a livestream several years ago, and said that it would be way too complicated. And besides, they're doing a good job at focusing on QoL improvements, I think that we should leave them at that for a while.