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  1. Wvolf

    Reporting cheater "Malay Nations"

    Hey there- It would be helpful if you could send us a screenshot of the player's base for further investigation. Thanks!
  2. Wvolf

    Game Froze, closed, and now won't load properly

    Hey all - can you let us know which device(s) and OS you are playing DomiNations on?
  3. Wvolf

    constant connection errors under 3g data! Plz fix it! I cannot even play!

    Hey tailang - Sorry to hear of your frustration. As Andy mentioned, the best way to play DomiNations is to connect your device to a reliable wifi connection.
  4. Wvolf

    Problem with Germans Nation Bonus

    The game team has confirmed that the German Nation bonuses are working as should. They are also working on showing the rally bonuses clearer. Thanks!
  5. Wvolf

    Alliance Bug/Glitch

    Hey there - If you feel like the game is not working properly, the best way to contact us for further investigation on your specific accounts is to contact Support. You can submit an in-game support email by tapping Settings > Customer Service. If you have already taken these steps, we...
  6. Wvolf

    [Resolved] Amazing bug

    Hey all - The game team has successfully identified and suspended the player. Thanks for your cooperation in unveiling this exploit!
  7. Wvolf

    Blank Alliance chat

    Hey all - Thanks for sending us a screenshot of your issue. The game team has been informed and will be looking into it.
  8. Wvolf

    Please, check those big cheaters!

    Hey all - Thanks for informing us with detailed evidence. We are sending this to the game team for further investigation. Once again, we appreciate your help reporting dishonest player activities.
  9. Wvolf

    This guy is cheating! Please, do something!

    Hey there! Thanks for the screenshots and detailed explanation, we have sent this information to the game team for review.
  10. Wvolf

    [Resolved] Amazing bug

    Hey stmrdw! Yikes, thanks for sending us this screenshot. We are sending this over to game team for review.
  11. Wvolf

    My base traded with hacker base here ... =.= (With Evidence)

    Hey Cakra, thanks for the detailed information and screenshots. We will send this over to the game team for review. Thanks!
  12. Wvolf

    Google Account hack?

    Hey there - Have you ever linked your game to any other devices? Also, it would be helpful to know which device you play your game on. Also, please be sure to not share your player credentials with anyone or any websites.
  13. Wvolf

    Code 400 Network Error

    Hey all - we are in the process of gathering more information on this issue. It would be super helpful if you could update your tickets with your geo-location and your internet service provider information. If it is easier, please PM me with the info. Thanks!
  14. Wvolf

    Possible bug with fences and roads

    This is a common display error that can happen during play sessions. As a quick solution, please try exiting the game and restart it. Try that and let us know if that helped!
  15. Wvolf

    New player here but....

    Hey Funken_A! If you believe this player to be cheating and you would like to report an exploit, please message a screenshot and detailed evidence to DomiNationVigiles. Thanks!
  16. Wvolf

    Issues with Alliance Gate. No one can join.

    Hey Andy, The best way to invite other players to join your alliance is by setting your alliance type to 'Invite-Only', this will allow other players to request to join your alliance.
  17. Wvolf

    City Auto-rearranged

    Hey there! What device are using? Also, it would be helpful for us to know if your game is connected to Game Center or Google Play. Thanks!
  18. Wvolf

    What a cheater - double all structures!

    Hey timzhang, Thanks for reporting this player. We are sending this screenshot over to the game team for review.
  19. Wvolf

    Invalid Birthday Error??

    Hey all - This is an on-going issue with the forum software(vBulletin) we are using -- unfortunately, we do not have a fast fix at the moment. If there is anything in particular you would like to edit on your profile, please feel free to PM me with the details. Thanks for your understanding.
  20. Wvolf

    Logged into someones account!

    Hey cvigti! What device are you playing the game on?