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    And more ideas

    I like all your ideas :)
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    Happiness and Rebellions

    You know. I was very close to produce my own suggesting like this, because i completly agree with u. We should have some happiness in this game. So yeah i like this idea :)
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    Lol guys.... Relax u all get worked up for an idea!!!
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    The Cosmic Age

    I totally agree with the idea of more ages after space age. Space age is the age, were people are discovering the space for the first time. And if you google: " Space Age".. Well the pictures in google shows some old space stuff from some old movies. We definitely should have some futuristic...
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    Yeah the timers isnt that bad! I mean consider that there is no travel time to attack playes, (Witch would be cool in the matter, but others shut my idea down) and upgrading walls doesnt take time at all!! So at least we can do is wait :)
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    Direct control of combat units

    I totally agree on this. Make som i have to klick som soliers / select them and then draw a line by moving my finger across the battle field. And once i release the selected units should go on that path i have created!
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    Camoflage and Beacon towers(War Strategy)

    Ding Ding Ding!! :D A new war strategy just crossed my mind! Well the head topic name speaks for itself. I think that it would be a great idea, if we could camoflage our offensive troops witch means that they can attack buildings and deffenders without being seen, and take damage of course...
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    garrison and stable troop change

    Hahaha, no not really! Just have a habbit of overusing those smilyes thats all :D
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    Battle Replay button is missing

    I am having the same problem as well
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    Yellow Circle

    This thing is driving me nuts. I restart the game several times and my connection is as it allways been. It was better before the 2 updates. But now... It appears more offen then i get hungry lol :P
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    More Blessing types

    I think that there should be more blessings like: Caravan blessing = Increases the income of caravans for a limited time (like 1 hour or something). Farm blessing = Works the same as Caravan blessing but on farms. Barack blessing = increases the troop space for a one 1 attack usage. Trade Good...
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    garrison and stable troop change

    The lower levels would rebuild theirs faster cause their walls, towers, garisons and stabels are low in levels compared to bigger players :)
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    garrison and stable troop change

    I kind of agree on this. Cause it should be to every player not only the inactive. But it shouldn't cost any food or gold to rebuild but minutes :) like if i have a level 5 stable, it should cost 5 minutes to rebuild and then it would work ok again :) but i will have to push that rebuild button...
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    What the heck is this??? I just attacked it! It seems everything is doubled here and weired 😳
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    More animals to Hunt

    And oh yeah :) perhaps hunting aliens, when reaching the space age, would be cool. 😁 Just a funny thought 😂
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    More Nations

    Yeah Tony Abbott lol :P
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    Attacking over walls

    What you are referring to is, when archers stand on the wall and shoot at incoming enemies. An archer cannot see what he is hitting behind the wall if he is standing on the ground. He shoots blindly and hope that one of his arrows hit something. That goes the same with artillery.. How can they...
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    Upgrade Range and fire speed.

    Dont you think that it would be cool, if we could upgrade the fire speed and the attacking range in towers and units at the library? :) Or at least make them better when we go through ages :)
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    Attacking over walls

    Whats the point of having walls surrounding your buildings, when archers or the long ranched units can shoot above it?? Change it please, and let the walls go down first before attacking the buildings behind it :)
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    More Mining

    More Mining would be great, but how about beginning to mine in the mountains? Like click at the mountain and choose mine, and the outcome should be much more gold, metal and diamonds :)