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    Call to Arms v8.5 Update

    Dradis, if you force restart, it you should see your frags increase to the correct number. It is just a visual bug for me but requires a force restart to fix
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    Call to Arms v8.5 Update

    As Viper noted, this is a really small, but questionable change. Why do this? Quality of life changes are great when they are put in (for example, reducing time on farming fruit trees or mines). Frustrating to see you go the opposite direction. Btw if you have QOL change discussions, how about...
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    What happened to Group Leaderboards in Events?

    They did 3 things that really devalued event passes. I used to buy passes all time. I've only bought one since the changes. They reduced value significantly by: 1) Taking away group leaderboards, they were so fun to compete in and gave nice prizes 2) Taking away the chests for each stage...
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    Suggestion: Make Spy automatic, and let us see our own team's spy reports

    Thats a good idea! Totally agree, I get frustrated as I forget to click, or cant click it until a lot of planning day has gone by. There doesnt seem to be a need. Both of these suggestions are just small quality of life changes that would make a big difference!
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    Suggestion: Make Spy automatic, and let us see our own team's spy reports

    Good points. Maybe we could just see our teammates reports if they have been opened by the enemy. Or maybe they only appear on war day. I think this would be a really good tool to help coach players struggling to understand strategies for using museum/uni, especially new players that have...
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    Suggestion: Make Spy automatic, and let us see our own team's spy reports

    Suggestion is in the title. I think both would be terrific. I would love to better coach people that are struggling with museum. And I hate when I forget to click spy.
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    Five Years of DomiNations v8.3 Update

    The vastly more effective anti cheat stance, and fixing of real bugs like plane crash, has me spending again. Thanks BHG, keep up the great work!
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    Call to Arms v8.2 Update

    Are you making the same change to Eisenhower?
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    Ipad pro 11

    Got a new ipad today, 11 inch pro as in this title. I was shocked, at first I thought it was a bug. It is the only game I play that doesnt have support. So disappointing. I am guessing more and more customers will have this experience as time goes on. Why cant it be fixed?
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    The new Dock discussion thread!

    I like the new chance to get more supplies. This was always one of the most frustrating things with museum. But for me, it didnt work. Helsinki showed that I should get 88 supplies. When I completed it, I got a handful of researchers instead :( Perhaps it was not tested?
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    Crash base bug. 6 months and counting.

    Would love some more attention given to the edge of map plane crash bug. Its hit us so many times now that bases are being built specifically to take advantage of this
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    World War Matchmaking - Design Spotlight 2019

    BHG_Muet Ok, I think I understand a little bit better. But, say for example there is a space age team with an offense rating of 10, and a defense rating of 8. The delta would be 20% or 25% depending on how you calculate it. It is still possible to have an industrial age team with an...
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    World War Matchmaking - Design Spotlight 2019

    Hi, can you provide a practical example of this. Maybe its just friday and a week of work has my mind melted already. You couldnt be looking only at the delta, right? So, an alliance with an average of Space Age offense, and Atomic age defense would have a 2ish age delta. An alliance...
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    BRB (Big Red Button)

    Just wanted to say I think the animation is annoying. It would be nice to have it removed, it serves no purpose that I am aware of, other than slowing us down :) Not the highest of priorities, but super annoying.
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    The Cold War Advancement 6.8 Update

    30k accounts are probably a significant amount of active accounts. And, the majority of spending accounts.
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    Share your war match here

    Current war, Den of Thieves (us) vs German Warfare (them) Us Them Cold War 4 14 Atomic 8 2 Global Industrial 4 1 Enlightenment 3 Gunpowder 4 1...
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    Combat Rebalance Stage Two Patch Notes

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. One thing people haven't really mentioned, is that without a reasonably strong decoy, strongholds filled with EA are nearly impossible to take out. This will make EA filled strongholds a lot harder (other troops at least have a counter still...
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    video content malfunction

    Same issue. Every time I report it to CS they tell me to check my network connection (lol, worst service ever).
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    Introducing : The Best Matchmaking! ❤

    And when they do find that match, the other team will surrender lol
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    New Resource Sink Needed

    I love the idea of new walls. Even if they are expensive and just a tiny boost, gives those who like to grind thing out more purpose than they have now