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  1. Rafar

    New Legendary Artifact! - Week Ahead 4/15

    The Legendary artifacts in the main hall could definitely be more interesting and fun, whether for multiplayer battles, resource gathering, time reductions or others. There's no reasonable cause for so many poor-quality artifacts that don't fit together. The main hall artifacts won't unbalance...
  2. Rafar

    New Legendary Artifact! - Week Ahead 4/15

    Now you can enjoy the discount. Check out your armory.
  3. Rafar

    New Legendary Artifact! - Week Ahead 4/15

    The discount is not being applied to Captain's Heavy Tank.
  4. Rafar

    Moon Landing - Week Ahead 4/8

    Faz sentido. A bhg certamente tem dados de acesso que podem ajudar a definir melhor sobre isso. Ainda assim é uma pena que uma construção como as caravanas que possuem tantos níveis de melhoria tenham apenas 3 dias de impulso em relação aos 4 dias do templo.
  5. Rafar

    Moon Landing - Week Ahead 4/8

    What's the rationale here? Temple = 1 building with few levels. Given 4 days for instant upgrades. Caravans = 8 buildings with many levels. Given 3 days for instant upgrades. I truly appreciate and am grateful for the instant upgrades opportunity, but I couldn't help but notice the lack of...
  6. Rafar

    Is it time for auto age players to have a second oil refinery?

    That's not a bad idea. A new refinery would be much appreciated. It would distribute resources and greatly increase storage capacity, which would be great. However, I still hope that a new feature will be implemented into the game. We are going through eras where oil is no longer a unique...
  7. Rafar

    Troop Tactic delete button

    He didn't say your suggestion is stupid, but that adding a delete button would be stupid. They're quite different things. I've suggested this delete button a few times in the past, but now I understand it could cause unnecessary problems. Convenience in this case might not outweigh the...
  8. Rafar

    World war screen not properly didplayed

    My interface is correct, but the touch area for checking war information when clicking on the name of the alliances has been reduced. I don't know if this change was intentional or not, but it wasn't good.
  9. Rafar


    Troops are sold in packs, the more you buy, the more discount you get on subsequent tiers. I've had the experience of purchasing multiple tiers to get the maximum discount, however the troops become outdated as the player advances in age. This discourages players from purchasing multiple tiers...
  10. Rafar


    Leveling all Troop Tactics to the same level, the level that accompanies the player with each age progression, would definitely be the best scenario and solution. This change would improve BHG's revenue with more sales and reduce customers' search options, as they would not have to select...
  11. Rafar

    The Road Ahead: Spring Edition

    I absolutely agree. It would also be great to work on the following museum improvements: 4) Increase font size; 5) Allow players to organize groups or folders of artifacts, facilitating searches and comparisons between artifacts. Perhaps this fits into item 3.
  12. Rafar

    Banneker's Almanac - Week Ahead 2/19

    Hi King. I can provide you and everyone with the history for the last 16 months. Some artifacts are constantly repeated while others never appear. And I'm not referring to the most recent and desired ones. What I ask for is just a rotation in which several of them are not repeated and that...
  13. Rafar

    Banneker's Almanac - Week Ahead 2/19

    Hi @Harlems. The Gemini Helmet was offered 38 days ago. The current Sutton Hoo Helmet was offered last August. While several artifacts are repeated, some have not appeared in the events of Episode 1 for a long time. Please improve the Artifact cycle so that they do not repeat until they have...
  14. Rafar

    DomiNations Update 12.2 - Museum Loadouts

    Thank you guys. Nice work.
  15. Rafar

    New to Domination Forums!

    Welcome to this forum.
  16. Rafar

    Marco's Legendary Vault

    I must say that this time BHG surprised us positively. Thanks. I hope there will be other rounds like this in the near future.
  17. Rafar

    The Antarctic Treaty - Week Ahead 1/15

    Hello BHG. You are repeating the Augustus Statue Muscle artifact in Episode 1 that was also offered from 2 months ago. Please improve the quality of the Artifacts that are presented in the Episode 1 events or at the very least do not repeat them before presenting all available Artifact...
  18. Rafar

    what do you want for the museum

    What I expect from the museum is a radical improvement in the quality of life. It should be possible to buy packs of 10 or more artifacts simultaneously instead of the current 1 and 5. Increase the font size. Reading becomes increasingly difficult for my tired eyes. Enable set-ups so that...
  19. Rafar

    mortar troops too overpowered

    If what you are saying were true, then we would always have tied wars with tiebreakers defined in time, and that is not happening.
  20. Rafar

    DomiNations Update 12.1.2 - New Councilor Alcibiades

    The council building has become something very interesting over time, especially with the addition of the committee and new councilors. It was also really cool to get rewards from milestones. However, I believe that new committees and new landmarks are very desirable so that the council...