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    Duplicate legendary artifacts.

    don’t know if previously requested ,it will be nice to be able to trade duplicate legendary artifacts at Marco for tokens .
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    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    I agree with you ,limit the type of any unit to a reasonable max except maybe infantry and rifleman .
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    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    its all helis or all ht etc ,maybe a limit on a troop type mayhelp in bringing diversity in attack styles .eg limit units dep on there strentgh .
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    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    its fun trying new combos now .will see how it plays out .
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    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    not at all true and i have maxed attack helis info age got 51 % on lvl 340 base that had no gens also…a little tweaks and I must agree the Helios are OP
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    The Dawn of the DIGITAL AGE!

    The issue to deal with all bomber hits has not been addressed .goodbye domination after all it seems u only worrying about sales of Vickers Virginia’s and stealth bombers .its ridiculous to see all defenders troops and nothing can be done as sabo and bombers clear the base .finally good reason...
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    The New Event is Awesome and Fair! Sparta!

    Crazy leaderboard is one aspect.however like to comment on some goals .like train 50 ht or 60 fighter jets,this is rediculous as I play to kill bases without loosing troops or planes .maybe nexon is forcing us to use crowns .another is the crazy dock goals .why not bring it up earlier in event...
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    Today’s goals

    The collect diamonds and national trade goods is not registering them after a multiplayer attack .only registers if collect it from a national trade good supply ar trade good supply .
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    Every update since game release in 2015

    And I am playing since April 2015 and it's true
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    Game is DOWN!

    So what's new
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    New Events Are Here! (FAQs)

    So all my effort is lost with game broken .with event
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    Heavy tank weak

    ht mk8 is being destroyed easily .seems like univ buff of da Vinci is not working
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    Daily Videos

    Let’s simply stop watching them and nexon will wake up and give us a fair reward for the money they are making .after 4 years of playing this game i am loosing interest
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    New UI is garbage.

    It’s terrible only good thing about it is the fact that there are no empty slots when u swing it to the end .old was better .please .we are the players and listen to what we want .
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    Least Used Troops in the Game - Stats!

    Bombers have become useful and now nexon needs to improve the transport .the reload time needs to be decreased or decrease airspace to 2
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    Least Used Troops in the Game - Stats!

    An example of a troop Needs improving is the mortar troop from barracks .increase its range from 5 to 6 and rate of fire .
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    Air training blessing

    Why no air training blessing as rewards anymore
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    Air training blessing

    Why are we not getting anymore air training blessings as video rewards?
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    What troops do you think are least used in the game? 🤔

    Lol. all barracks troops .i don’t use any now except the foot infantry as a filer
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    Turn Off Replays in World War

    Agree with you.