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    DomiNations v9.12 Update

    This is not true, but well played, got 22% on a L390 IA lol
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    VIP system is not legit in many countries

    BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is why nothing will ever be fixed. Put your resource buildings outside your walls and find happiness.
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    War Matchmaking Iteration

    Only rank the top 50% of each team in war. Problem solved... oh except for the cheaters and the endless ways they can cheat lel
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    On behalf of all my fellow players who constantly raid my base for max stars and tonnes of loot, I would like to say, "Thank You Very Much," to me! Also, I would like to thank all the legends who attack my base and inexplicably fail, get no loot and loose all their troops. It is definitely THE...
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    Training Blessings not working

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    Enigma machine not working as intended

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    Thank you Tinsoldier and Muet

    Mountainking remember to put your oil and resource buildings outside your walls :)
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    LEGEND!!!! Do unto others yo!! img upload
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    Another absolute king
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    Cracker you absolute legend well done!!!
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    National Trade Good (NTG) Solutions/Discussion

    The answer to all these questions has already been provided:
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    Daily reminder... if you aren't a whale, they do not care. Make your Protest Base today! Enjoy easy access to NTG and resources! Join the Revolution yeah!!!
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    The fun is in World War. Making a Protest Base just makes it easier for everyone to get rss and ntg in the daily grind, plus it sends a message to the game developers that we will do our own thing because they don't listen to anything said on this forum.
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    good stuff mate!
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    Prove me wrong. Already have over a dozen players doing this. (Yes I use discord and they are not all deviants, lol.) This will fix the game for us grafters. Join us.
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    Proposing such ideas? Like 0SH - that one worked fine and was widely adopted. I think there is a critical mass of players with a similar regard for the state of this once great game right now. One gamer at a time, the revolt will build. We can do it.
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    Excellent cheers!!!
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    Unbelievably the first player to attack it made a full wipeout :( oh no HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA come on people we can do this together!
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    Free oil for all for ever !!!!

    LordStark263AC it has begun