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    Dominationsworld site review

    I only edited one adult word out of this review that I sent to our alliance leaders. I acknowledge that the website is brand newish (something about Beta maybe?) Anyways, these are my thoughts (I think this is the right forum… not a big poster) I just created my
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    Can’t enter past loading screen BombersHorda VIP 13

    Went to the App Store, and there was an update. I was able to install the update, and now I am in. Look for the update.
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    Can’t enter past loading screen BombersHorda VIP 13

    Same here. Been crashing halfway through the load screen. Uninstall and downloaded the game, still crashes.
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    Crafting Items

    Currently you can craft 1 or 5 items at a time. Crafting items is the most boring, time consuming and uninteresting part of the game for me. I propose the museum has a “craft and sell all” button for those that aren’t interested in crafting individual items. How many ever fragments you have...
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    Add medal count to screen when attacking

    I forget what my medal count is all the time and would like to see in the upper left corner next to the resources listed my medal count tally. This would be visible when a base has been found for me to attack and I could quickly glance in the upper left during that 30 second decision making...
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    Hidden trees

    You pick your issue, I’ll pick mine.
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    Hidden trees

    The randomness with which tree and animals appears is fine. I’d like to see different animals added for hunting as well. However, hidden trees suck and seems to be poor programming. Do they have to be on the border ALL THE TIME? I can’t upload the picture but this tree in question is...
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    Server Down?

    “This is getting out of hand. Now there are three of them!” same here. Down for 24 hours on ios.
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    Ditch the arrow please.

    That’s totally weird. When I logged on about four hours ago, all of the above happened. Now, it’s gone. It was the first time I ever saw the arrow point to the center of the base on two different attacks. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get rid of the arrow pointing to Marco the entire time I at my home...
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    Ditch the arrow please.

    The arrow pointing to Marco Polo the first time you logged in was okay because it went away after you saw his base or clicked on him. With the latest update,the arrow does not disappear from the screen. Also during attacks, there is an arrow that points to the center of the base. Constantly...
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    Fix the Museum - No Lottery, weaker, visible, and less painful to use

    Boy, I couldn't agree more. The museum is absolutely no fun. Putting the fragments together is a chore and maddening. Would you like to put one artifact together... or, oooh, five? I appreciate the depth of research that went into making the descriptions of the artifacts but it's lame and I...
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    Video / Ad changes - Rewards reduced to 2/3/5 crowns instead of 5 as the base.

    Way to take us back to the dark ages, Nexon. At least I can now save the three minutes or so that I wasted on watching/not watching ads. The bigger crown rewards were nice and actually worth it. Taking us back to three crowns per ad? Not much,
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    Alliance activity ideas

    In our alliance (BHU), after our diminutive serving wenches complete their daily chores, we have naked egg tossing contests after all the ale has been consumed.
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    War Bases and road connections?

    I've been unable to get a clear answer from various sources on these issues and would like some assistance from the forums. As a seasoned player, I heard somewhere a long time ago that when building your war base, you did not need to connect the road to the town center. I have been utilizing...
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    Comado stop moving after destroyed defense

    Will this bug be fixed in the next update? I've been about a week with about my saboteurs and I'm starting to go crazy. When is the next update that will fix the sabs from standing/waling in place?
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    Getting new members

    I found my current alliance from a post on the Dominations subReddit. Maybe try posting a request on Reddit.
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    An alert when an alliance member is visiting your city

    Maybe it's not the most useful suggestion but a box that pops up on screen when someone from your alliance is visiting might be cool.