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    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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  1. NateTheGreat

    Too much wealth

    I haven't logged in to Domi for over 6 months now. I just check forums and haven't posted in a very long time.... This was so good I just had to respond lolz. BGH makes money selling time. People like yourself get bored and antsy because their resources are full but their upgrades aren't...
  2. NateTheGreat

    New UI is garbage.

    Thumbs down comment.
  3. NateTheGreat

    New UI is garbage.

    Haven't played the game in 2 months because of crap like this #Deleted Looks like I saved myself from your blunders. Awesome job listening to your players.... not. We have asked for a tray that could be customized... This is a far cry from that. Go take a page out of World of Warcraft's or...
  4. NateTheGreat

    The Republic of the Philippines v7.3 Update

    Just wanted to check in to see if BHG has done anything to drastically improve the game.... Nope. Still the same game but now all of the troop deployments and sh*t is messed up.... Nice going BHG_Muet TinSoldier This game could've continued being amazing, but alas my decision to quit and stop...
  5. NateTheGreat

    New World war theme.

    This is a great idea and would love to see it implemented similar to the game RISK! But I doubt BHG could find a mode that would make it simple and not spend extraordinary amount of hours for players to play.
  6. NateTheGreat

    New nation

    Ahh but we can only hope that someday Nexon and the devs stop raining on our parades.
  7. NateTheGreat

    New Blessing: Troop Speed

    I can regularly take down poorly laid out bases in Multiplayer lv 250 and below. War is harder for sure with high level generals and better layouts, but that's why you have coalitions, use 7 tactics, and extra troop tactics. You should have to throw everything you got and have a well thought out...
  8. NateTheGreat

    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    You can find it on your downloaded list for Apple Store. Under settings and download history, you should be able to do this for Android too
  9. NateTheGreat

    Potential new law banning micro transactions

    I tend to agree with you kilgore_trout. I'm more of a libertarian with respect to law making. People need to vote with their wallets and feet instead of being coddled and babied. But yes protecting children from learning addictive habits in games is important, but ultimately the role of a...
  10. NateTheGreat

    WW matchmaking improvement idea,

    Yep I'm getting close to SA, just a few more levels! I'm probably going to take advantage of the instant upgrade event for Summer of The Ages. Our alliance has been working very hard to earn that final perk, thank you!
  11. NateTheGreat

    The new matching is terrible

    I'd love to see 1 month long seasons with 10, 20, 30, 40 player wars each as their own category. This would make the leader boards more meaningful
  12. NateTheGreat

    The new matching is terrible

    Just be better at avoiding Bastions. My combinations that include more commandos work to great affect. And now people can't just drop 6 Mk8 heavy tanks and sit back and watch lv 250+ bases melt. The bastions slowing heavy tanks means you really need to be careful to avoid them. I can still 5*...
  13. NateTheGreat

    WW matchmaking improvement idea,

    Explain how sandbags still ruin the game? Yes people still use "sandbags" that don't attack or add value to their team. That is their choice and is a net negative to the team using the bags. Since the new WW matchmaking has been implemented our alliance has stopped using sandbags because it...
  14. NateTheGreat

    Upgrade event always nice, but

    Upgrade discounts usually start on a Friday. So if a few of my upgrades just finished, I'll wait a few days to see if there is a good discount available. Plus they usually rotate what is being discounted, I just follow the discount path with the ones I really want/need.
  15. NateTheGreat

    Main battle tanks and assault rebalance

    If anything machine guns need 4-5 range so they don't get 1 shot by anti-tank guns. And if tanks had 5 range they couldn't be killed by anything unless you extend the range of anti tank guns too imo. It would be interesting to see mitra ( ranged infantry) at 4 range, tanks at 5 range, howitzers...
  16. NateTheGreat

    Potential new law banning micro transactions

    Yes I read the article, it does state both loot boxes and micro-transactions that give you a competitive advantage.
  17. NateTheGreat

    The Simón Bolivar Event!

    Everything I've been hoping for!! Thanks guys.
  18. NateTheGreat

    Heavy Tank/Fighter Combo

    The max Leo HP + dmg and mk7 for Heavy Tanks is a key in this strategy imo. My mk6 and not maxed Leo makes this a difficult strategy for me to employ.
  19. NateTheGreat

    Commandos: A (Barely Now) Viable Troop?

    Still think bazookas are cheaper. I use 1 HT, 9 rpg, 4 machine gun, 9 commando, 6 heavy infantry, 8 SS CWA fighters. I use heavy infantry to draw out the defenders, followed by HT + machine gun + bazooka, then drop commandos. Lose 0 commandos, 1-2 rpg and all infantry and machine guns.
  20. NateTheGreat

    World War Opt In

    An override option for leaders/coleaders would indeed be useful, but not removing the opt in /opt out altogether. Another suggestion would be to allow multiple wars (2-3 max) going on within alliances and have 100 members allowed in an alliance. That way if you missed the big war you might be...