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    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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    Secret war matchmaking tool

    Confucius once said: "When the wise man points at the Moon, the idiot looks at the finger"
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    Secret war matchmaking tool

    So I can't say my name and in which alliance I am? Everyone else puts it in their signature. I'm not calling anyone else out by name other than myself here. The alliance chat is just to prove I am not making things up. I carefully checked there was nothing important in there. If Cleaner can...
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    Secret war matchmaking tool

    You will understand that if details of how the tool works appears in this post, it will immediately get deleted and I'll get banned. So the details will be shared in private with Nexon but not publicly.
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    Secret war matchmaking tool

    What I'd like is for Nexon to fix all the loopholes in this game so people don't feel tempted to exploit and later get banned. You can think what you want but some people on this forum have been asking for more exploits to come out so Nexon can fix them. We also use the tool to avoid teams like...
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    Secret war matchmaking tool

    With all the exploits and the bans going around, I would like to finally come clean as well and ask for clemency. My game name is Theory and I am part of USA Elite. For the past 2 years, we have been using an API to read into Nexon's servers to collect data about players, alliances and more...
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    Starting new alliance

    I'd like to start a new relaxed alliance to play for fun in a good atmosphere. I am cwa level 271 so can give good troops. I just need motivated people to start a new adventure and play war with no stress. If you're interested, post below. If there is enough people, I'll create a new alliance...
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    I am new to the forum but I have been playing the game for some time now so I hope I can contribute and give back to the community :)