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    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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    Alliance Research v8.4 Update

    Really not good enough, nope
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    What happened to Group Leaderboards in Events?

    chests, what chests? They have already removed these as well....
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    University research time is massively increasing after restart

    CS says they are aware of the issue
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    Stronger banning parameters falsely accused me of crown freezing

    Sorry to hear that you are not the first and won’t be the last. I know of many that were falsely accused, rolled back and in most cases a sorry and rolled forward again by CS (but you have to wait the length of the ban). In other cases some bases were permanently rolled back and the player...
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    Alliance Research v8.4 Update

    What I don’t understand : Additional measure implemented to punish and roll back cheaters. Why not have an algorithm to check how many buildings are upgrading at once, you know, instead of a measure why not “find them”. Also would you be able to explain what measures are already in place to...
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    5 Eras of Giveaways!

    So it wasn’t 5 give aways it was just 1 give away..... The initial post implies something else, was it just a ploy to get us active into the game?
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    5 Eras of Giveaways!

    Only 1 so far on each of my accounts
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    War Matchmaking Iteration

    Does Muet still work for BHG? He is awol for a long time now, this being a top priority to fix is no more....
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    Update to Banning Policy - Alliance Cheating (2/14/2020)

    But that isn’t a Nexon site, they just hacked their servers right? It seems that Nexon are now flagging alliances and members and we should be active but we don’t know until they reduce our glory, so if they are flagging then where do we see this?
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    Update to Banning Policy - Alliance Cheating (2/14/2020)

    Where can we see alliance members that are flagged so that we can be pro-active?
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    750 Heavy Tanks?

    Always the same, it is like all those releases where they forget to flag buildings for war weight and there are months until it gets resolved. 1,2 million oil for HT is BS, it is also an extremely boring event, train HT, delete, retrain. How stupid......
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    Muet...some recommendations

    I see more bases now than ever with all buildings upgrading. It seems that Nexon still does nothing about them even after reporting. Looking at their patch notes they don’t even explain what they are fixing/patching so it seems misguided to believe that they have been doing anything at all.
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    Update to our Banning Policy (12/20/19)

    But, the issue is you ban also some things which are not cheating like hunting Stags and such. What about when you banned people in the event that donated to war bases, that was also incorrect. See, we don’t know what your policy’s are and additionally your CS Team doesn’t know what they are...
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    Thunder of Cannons Event

    Well, since I couldn’t train RPG and the times for training Howitzers are longer than RPG, also that the troop spaces are different, Howies are 9 ! it meant I wasn’t able to compete against the Atomic and Globals who finished higher than me in this event. Top 10 in Group but far away from...
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    Thunder of Cannons Event

    No, I was happy that at least you understood my point, appreciate it
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    Thunder of Cannons Event

    You miss the point. This event is geared to Global Age and above and every age from Industrial and lower can not compete effectively. There is no level playing field. I am Industrial Age and have to compete against Global and Atomic bases. I do not get the XP bonus as I can not train RPG’s...
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    Thunder of Cannons Event

    So, in my group are Atomic and Global Ages, my account is Industrial Age. Therefore what you have written Tin Soldier is a completely utter lie and nonsense.
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    Thunder of Cannons Event

    So you are telling me that when I participate in this event that the playing field (in my group) is level? Strange because last event I ended up competing against Global and Atomic being Industrial in my group and for Global leader board, well there is no even competing field for anyone which...
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    Thunder of Cannons Event

    So this Event is only for Global and up as it is impossible for lower ages to deploy Bazookas in a winning battle. Therefore, you are cutting out all lower ages from an equal competition for this event. Go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, thanks
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    Enigma machine not working as intended

    Muet is back but is silent to this topic. He didn’t even know that Digital Age war weighting was mucked up.